This Week on TV: Meet Christos the Cobbler of Felix Shoe Repair in Harvard Square

This Week on TV: Meet Christos the Cobbler of Felix Shoe Repair in Harvard Square

Christos shares his life story as an immigrant from Greece - as well as his thoughts on shoes.

  • Posted on: 16 November 2017
  • By: lily

This Week on CCTV: TV Highlights November 20 - 26

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Resistance School Teaches Practical Skills to Reclaim, Rebuild, and Reimagine America

The Resistance School provides training for communities to make issue-based and electoral progressive change that advance values of fairness, equity, and inclusivity. This week, watch Resistance School Session Two: 'Resistance School Session Two: 'How to Mobilize and Organize our Communities' - presented by Sara El-Amine, one of the foremost leaders on grassroots and digital advocacy in the world. A nine-year veteran of the Obama grassroots movement, El-Amine was most recently the Executive Director of President Obama’s advocacy arm, OFA, where she mobilized OFA’s 250 local chapters on issues of the day ranging from implementation of the Affordable Care Act, to Gun Violence Prevention, to Immigration Reform, to Marriage Equality, to Climate Change, raised over $20 million in major dollar and grassroots funds, and oversaw the creation of digital content for President Obama’s 83 million-person following Twitter handle @Barackobama and 60 million-person following Facebook Page.

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Al Marotta's newest recording of the Fort Point Ramblers will have you off the couch and on your feet this weekend.

Watch this weekend's Folk Music marathon on Channel 9, Friday Nov. 24 6-9pm, Saturday Nov. 25 12pm-midnight, and Sunday Nov. 26 12-4pm.

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