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This Week on TV: Resistance School Teaches Practical Skills to Reclaim, Rebuild, and Reimagine America

This Week on TV: Resistance School Teaches Practical Skills to Reclaim, Rebuild, and Reimagine America

Beginning this week, watch sessions from the Resistance School on CCTV.

  • Posted on: 11 November 2017
  • By: lily

This Week on CCTV: TV Highlights November 13 -19

The Resistance School provides training for communities to make issue-based and electoral progressive change that advance values of fairness, equity, and inclusivity. This week, watch Resistance School Session One: 'How to Communicate our Values in Political Advocacy' - presented by Tim McCarthy. Timothy Patrick McCarthy (@DrTPM) is an award-winning scholar, educator, and public servant. A cultural historian by training, Dr. McCarthy's work specializes in politics and social movements, slavery and abolition, the art and literature of protest, media culture, and human rights. Since 2006, he has taught the highly popular course, "Arts of Communication," at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

WATCH: On Channel 8, Mon. Nov. 13 at 5pm, Tue. Nov. 14 and Thu. Nov. 16 at 11 am. and Fri. Nov. 17 and Sun. Nov. 19 at 10pm. And, look for more Resistance School sessions on CCTV in the weeks to come.

Watch new experimental film Recollections from producer Andrew Gerzon

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