This Week on TV: Cambridge Youth Underground performs Circle Up!

This Week on TV: Cambridge Youth Underground performs Circle Up!

Their original theatre performance investigates the issue of the Achievement Gap in our community.

  • Posted on: 14 June 2017
  • By: lily

Youth Underground Ambassadors create and perform original theater that investigate social issues relevant to young people and our world through a series of interviews with the community. This past summer 2016, that topic revolved around the Achievement Gap, and Circle Up! was born. Playwright/Creator: Betsy Bard, Director: Vincent Ernest Siders, Stage Manager: Chopper Carter-Schelp.

WATCH: On Channel 8 Thu. Jun. 22 at 5:35pm. On Channel 9 Fri. Jun. 23 at 6pm, Sat. Jun. 24 at 12pm and 7:10pm, and Sun. Jun. 25 at 3:15pm. And on YouTube, here.

Over the weekend, watch Channel 9 for more local theater productions.

WATCH: The marathon runs Fri. 6-9pm, Sat. noon-midnight, and Sun 12-4pm.

Also new in Local Issues and Events:

On Wednesday, May 2, 2017, the Cambridge Water Board hosted a presentation discussing the potential effects of using plastic water pipes. The presentation took place at the Cambridge Water Department and was recorded by Zach Ben-Amots.

WATCH: On Channel 8 Wed. Jun. 21 and Fri. Jun. 23 at 5pm. And on YouTube, here.

Bay Sate Forum Episode 11 provides a second installment on the discussion on Healthcare and Insurance in our state. What happens if there is no longer a federal requirement that all people have to buy insurance? Or if people with pre-existing conditions can be charged more for their insurance or even denied coverage or priced out of the market for insurance. Very importantly, what happens if Massachusetts looses billions of dollars if there is a pullback in Medicaid dollars from the federal government? And last but not least, what can Massachusetts do to control its highest in the nation healthcare costs?

Barbara Anthony interviews two experts to try to answer these questions: Jon Hurst is longtime President of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, and Josh Archambault is a senior fellow in healthcare and a consultant at the Pioneer Institute, an independent public policy think tank located in Boston.

WATCH: On Channel 8 Tue. Jun. 20, Thu. Jun. 22, and Sat. Jun. 24 at 5pm. And on YouTube, here.

Mozambique Celebrates Independence Day this Sunday, June 25.

In 2005, at a parade in Maputo, Mozambique, crowds celebrated 30 years of national independence. CCTV Producer Elizabeth Scharpf interviewed participants about their hope for further advancement of their nation, for her video But This Is Not The End (Mas Isso Nao E o Fim).

WATCH: Tune in to the CCTV Channels 8, 9, and 96 throughout the day. And, on YouTube here.