This Week on TV: The Latest from CCTV's Youth Media Producers

This Week on TV: The Latest from CCTV's Youth Media Producers

Short documentary projects from the Spring Semester now available for viewing, on Youtube and on the Channels.

  • Posted on: 29 June 2017
  • By: lily

CCTV Youth Media Producers' video projects from the Spring Semester will play this week. Titles include You Rap? The Cost of Recycling, Introvert/Extrovert, Cambridge Slang - among others.

WATCH: On Channel 8 Mon. Jul. 3 at 5pm, Tue. Jul. 4 & Thu. Jul. 6 at 11am, and Fri. Jul. 7 & Sun. Jul. 9 at 10pm. And on YouTube, here.

Celebrate July 4 with a reading of the US Constitution.

The Cambridge Peace Commission and the Cambridge Public Library's Democracy Day celebration last month included a public reading of the very important document.

WATCH: During CCTV's Local Issues & Events block on Channel 8 Tue. Jul. 4, Thu. Jul. 6, and Sat Jul 8 at 5pm. And on YouTube, here.

New this week from Cambridge producers, a video on Cambridge Changes produced by CCTV's Intermediate Editing Class.

In their video Cambridge Changes, students traveled around town to ask residents about the changes they are seeing in our city.

WATCH: With more of the newest content by Cambridge producers, on Channel 8 Tue. Jul. 4, Thu. Jul. 6, & Sun. Jul. 9 at 7pm and Wed. Jul. 5 & Fri. Jul. 7 at 11am. And on YouTube, here.

Also check out Vice Mayor Marc McGovern and young Cambridge resident Ali, on Prospects of Kidkind.

The Prospects of KidKind show matches up kids and adults to debate important, unresolved questions.

WATCH: Also during CCTV's block of Newest Content by Members, and on YouTube here.

Over the weekend, Channel 9 will feature a Hip-Hop & Rap marathon.

Watch Hip-Hop and Rap music, dance, and analysis - through a local Cambridge-centric lens.

WATCH: on Channel 9, Fri. 6-9pm, Sat. noon-midnight, and Sun 12-4pm.