This Week on TV: What Makes Cambridge Laugh?

This Week on TV: What Makes Cambridge Laugh?

Students in CCTV's latest ZipDocs Class decided to investigate a funner side of our city.

  • Posted on: 16 August 2017
  • By: lily

This Week on CCTV: TV Highlights August 21 - 27

In an atmosphere full of negative news and current events, students in CCTV's latest ZipDocs Documentary Production Class decided to focus their investigations on a more cheerful topic: What makes Cambridge Laugh? Watch the resulting short documentary, produced by Sara Pagiaro, Lars Wicklund, Alyssa McClure, Truett Killian, Hetal Shah, Brian Gale, Elysia Chandler, and Kebrewosen Densamo, with instruction from John Dorn.

Also new this week, Spaghetti with Strangers by producer Liz Collins and Sound & Vision feat. Ski Bunny from Beth Walsh.

WATCH: The newest videos by Cambridge Producers play each week on Channel 8 Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 7pm and Wednesdays and Fridays at 11am. You can also watch any time on YouTube, HERE.

This week, the newest episode of Cambridge Uncovered asks, What is the Cambridge Brand?

Say the name Cambridge and it immediately evokes a unique image and culture. The Cambridge around us is a far cry from the manufacturing days of the 1950s, or the counterculture days of the 1970s and '80s. New development, soaring real estate costs, and a high-tech economic base are changing the face of Cambridge. But is it more than the face of Cambridge that has changed? In this episode of Cambridge Uncovered, we look at Cambridge through the decades with those who lived it and those who helped shape it: What is the Cambridge brand? correspondent Kristina Kehrer and Cambridge City Councilor Tim Toomey lead us off, followed by a conversation between Harvard Square author Mo Lotman and citizen journalist Johnny Berosh. CCTV intern Dalinda Ifill-Pressat then engages with former Mayor Ken Reeves, and Cambridge resident Lisan Mo talks with fellow Cantabrigians Sarah Francis, Cheryl Brown and Kiki Densamo about Cambridge changes. The episode was produced by students enrolled in CCTV's "Cambridge Uncovered" class, taught by journalist Heather Aveson.

WATCH: On Channel 8, Tue. Aug. 22 and Wed. Aug. 23 at 5pm, Thu. Aug. 24 at 5:50, and Fri Aug. 25 at 5:20pm. And, on Youtube HERE.

Also new this week, City Splash on the Charles

The Charles River Conservancy offers residents the opportunity to swim in the Charles at the fifth annual CitySplash event. The event took place at the Fiedler Dock along the Esplanade on July 18, 2017. City Splash was filmed by Sam Bruce and edited by Zach Ben-Amots.

WATCH: On Channel 8, Tue. Aug. 22 at 6:10pm, Wed. Aug. 23 at 6:45pm, and Thu. Aug. 24 and Fri. Au. 25 at 5pm. And, on Youtube HERE.

Explore the local art scene with a new series from one city over.

SOM Arts is a new series produced by Somerville Media Center, which may also be of interest to Cambridge Residents. Beginning this week, the show broadcasts regularly on Channel 8.

WATCH: Thursdays at 9pm and Saturdays at 8am.

Also new this week, watch a profile on Somerville's Artisan's Asylum. Innovation Showcase host Jay Sugarman talks with Derek Seabury and Jessica Muise from the cool new artist's space located near Union Square.

WATCH: On Channel 8, Mon. Aug. 21 at 6pm, Tue. Aug. 22 and Thu. Aug. 24 at 12pm, and Fri. Aug. 25 and Sun. Aug. 27 at 11pm.