This Week on TV: Native Voice TV brings to light issues ignored by mainstream media.

This Week on TV: Native Voice TV brings to light issues ignored by mainstream media.

Watch the series, produced in Northern California, on CCTV Channel 8 every Wednesday and Saturday evening.

  • Posted on: 2 August 2017
  • By: lily

This Week on CCTV: TV Highlights August 6 - 13

In honor of World Indigenous Peoples' Day, August 9, CCTV is highlighting the Native Voice TV series, which seeks to provide a voice for Indigenous people to discuss issues often ignored by the mainstream media.

Native Voice TV features the dress, songs, dances, language, arts and crafts of various individuals, groups and organizations in order to provide an educational and informative program for the Native community and the general public.

WATCH: On Channel 8, Wednesdays at 10pm and Saturdays at 7:30pm.

New this week, meet Vally D.

In Vally D Is a Comedian meet Vally D - a Millennial in her early twenties. She is intelligent, informed, and ambitious. She speaks five languages and has a rather lofty (by my non-conformist standards) day job. By night, she performs stand-up comedy. NeighborMedia journalist Kristina Kehrer reports.

WATCH: The newest videos by Cambridge Producers play each week on Channel 8 Tuesdays Thursdays, and Sundays. at 7pm and Wednesdays. and Fridays. at 11am. You can also watch any time on YouTube, here.

This weekend watch a Music Video marathon.

Original songs and videos in every genre imaginable - the common thread is that artists produced them here, in the great Cambridge, MA. Tune in, and you'll be sure to catch some familiar sights in the background.

WATCH: On Channel 9, Fri. Aug. 11 6-9pm, Sat. Aug. 12 noon-midnight, and Sun. Aug. 13 12-4pm.

From the CCTV Archives, meet Karmu the Healer.

Karmu, A Place In The Sun tells the story of the much beloved Karmu, an enigmatic healer, who helped thousands of people from his home in Cambridge, MA, where he literally kept his door open to those who needed his help. Produced by Janet Z. Giler.

WATCH: Available for on demand viewing on YouTube, here.