This Week on TV: Tell Us What YOU Would Do If You Were President of the United States

This Week on TV: Tell Us What YOU Would Do If You Were President of the United States

Parking Day is this Friday Sept. 16 and CCTV invites you to participate by voicing your opinion.

  • Posted on: 12 September 2016
  • By: lily

They've had their say - Now is the time to have yours

This year for #ParkingDay, Cambridge Community Television and its citizen journalism team at will be hosting a mock presidential debate stage with three podiums: One for a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton, one for a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump, and one that is left for YOU, the people!

Come take a spot at the center of the stage and tell these candidates – and our viewers watching LIVE online and at home – what you think about them, the issues, and this presidential election season! Practice your first amendment rights of free speech and tell us what YOU would do if you were president of the United States.

Join us for the debate on Friday, Sept. 16 from 10am to 4pm in the metered parking space right in front of CCTV. Your voice. Your vision. Your vote. And watch us LIVE on Channel 9.

Watch the latest videos made by CCTV members

Experience a totally unpredictable mash-up on content, and to see what kinds of things you could learn to create here at CCTV when you tune in to Channel 8 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 7pm and every Wednesday and Friday at 11am.
This week:

Tents in June by Friends of Gertrude and produced by Peter Septoff, in which a staged reading of a new play takes a strange twist.

Freedom on Wheels by Lily Bouvier, a piece of bicycle propaganda for the 21st century, based on the 1954 auto propaganda video "Give Yourself the Green Light." Produced as a part of CCTV's Collage Film class, Spring 2016.

ONCE Somerville by Kristina Kehrer, a chat with JJ Gonson, owner of the ONCE ballroom, lounge, and eatery on Highland Ave. in Somerville.

Slippery When Wet by Craig Hard, in which two casual ballers get challenged in a game of 21 by a street baller.

Documentaries by Cambridge Youth debut on the channels

Short documentaries produced during this year’s CCTV Youth Summer Media Institute will play this week after new member productions on Channel 8, Tuesday Sept. 13, Thursday Sept. 15, and Sunday Sept. 18 at 8:20pm, Wednesday Sept. 14 at 12:20pm and Friday Sept. 16 at 10:20am.

Look forward to titles such as Slut/Shamed, The Fastest T Rider Alive, The Hub of Society, The World of VR - among others.

And, over the weekend, a marathon of CCTV Youth Media productions through the years. What did kids in Cambridge have to say last year? The year before? A decade ago? On Channel 9, Friday Sept. 16 6-9pm, Saturday Sept. 17 noon-midnight, and Sunday Sept. 18 noon-4pm.