This Week on TV: New broadcasts from Mexico, China, Brazil, and others

This Week on TV: New broadcasts from Mexico, China, Brazil, and others

On Channel 96, find news and entertainment from around the globe

  • Posted on: 14 November 2016
  • By: lily

Rompeviento TV, from Mexico's Distrito Federal

Rompeviento TV, a self-described “critical and independent” news source, begins broadcast on Channel 96 starting this month: Mondays through Saturdays 6-9pm and 12-3am.

The variety of programs from the network includes news and current events analysis inside and outside of Mexico, as well as discussions on arts, entertainment, social justice movements, and more.

SCOLA TV from Tai Yuan City, China and Brasilia, Brazil

Also new to Channel 96 this month, news and entertainment hours from China: Monday through Friday at 7am and at 2pm; and from Brazil: Monday through Friday at 8am and at 3pm.

SCOLA TV also broadcasts Spanish language shows from Central and South America seven days a week from 3-5am, and programming from elsewhere in Asia seven days a week from 5-7am.

Meanwhile, in Peru

Also new on the channels, Firme Y Feliz: Peruvian Women in Social Justice Movements is a new film by Philadelphia area filmmaker Jasmine Rivera. Rivera documents three Peruvian women and their experiences within resistance and social justice movements. The film examines the historical context of Peru, the victories of these movements, what role women played, why they chose to become politically active and how the experience shaped their world perspective.

This week, the film will broadcast on Channel 96: Wednesday Nov. 16 at 9m, Friday Nov. 18 at 9pm, and Sunday Nov. 20 at 11:05pm.

And back home in Cambridge, MA

The Cambridge Historical Society is hosting a three-part symposium about the past, present, and future of affordable housing in Cambridge. The first conversation in the series, which took place on October 13, will begin playing this week on Channel 8.

Watch Housing For All: Part One Monday Nov. 14 at 8am, Tuesday Nov. 15 at 12am, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 5pm.

The third and final conversation in the series will take place this Thursday evening, November 17, 6-8pm at the Central Square branch of the Cambridge Public library. If you can't make it to the event, to to fear - the full series will play back on the channels in the coming weeks.

Over the weekend

Watch other programs on the subject on housing in our city - on Channel 9, Friday 6-9pm, Saturday noon-midnight, and Sunday noon-4pm.

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