This Weekend on TV: Nerd out with 18 hours full of Science

This Weekend on TV: Nerd out with 18 hours full of Science

Science for the Public will play all weekend on Channel 9

  • Posted on: 19 May 2016
  • By: lily

Science for the Public is a grassroots nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage public understanding of, and appreciation for, science. The program aims to make accessible the best information in many areas of science and engineering and features a variety of Boston-area scientists doing presentations and interviews regarding a diversity of topics as a public service.

CCTV will be marathon-ing episodes all weekend long on Channel 9, Saturday May 21 noon till midnight, and Sunday May 22 noon-4:30 and 10pm-midnight.

This weekend's lineup will include:

How the Brain Orchestrates Motion, Saturday at 12pm.
Reading the Clouds Understand Climate Change, Saturday at 1pm, Sunday at 11pm.
Mapping the Milky Way, Saturday at 3pm, Sunday at 12pm.
ADHD and the Long-Term Effects of Medications, Saturday at 4pm, Sunday at 10pm.
How Environmental Pollutants Impact Brain Development, Saturday at 8pm.
How Solar Systems Form Puzzles and Possibilities, Saturday at 11pm.
What the Public Needs to Know About Fracking, Sunday at 1pm.

These programs, and many others: Check out our full online schedule for even more titles.