This Week on TV: Films from the Boston Palestine Film Festival

This Week on TV: Films from the Boston Palestine Film Festival

Watch Letters from Al Yarmouk and Pinkwashing Exposed

  • Posted on: 12 May 2016
  • By: lily

CCTV is showcasing films this week from the Boston Palestine Film Festival.

Watch Letters from Al Yarmouk: Director Rashid Mashawari spent eight months in 2014 Skyping with Palestinians trapped in al-Yarmouk, the besieged Palestinian refugee camp outside Damascus, Syria. On Channel 8, Sun. May 15 and Tues. May 17 at 9pm, Weds. May 18 at midnight, and Thurs. May 19 and Fri. May 20 at 10am.

And, Pinkwashing Exposed: Seattle Fights Back!: Local queer Palestine solidarity activists successfully lobby the City of Seattle's LGBT Commission to drop an Israeli-government-sponsored tour featuring gay and lesbian activists that was slated to visit the area. The documentary by Dean Spade sheds light on what pinkwashing is and how activists are fighting back. On Channel 8, Sun. May 15 and Tues. May 17 at 10pm, Weds. May 18 at 1am, and Thurs. May 19 at 9am.

Cambridge Overcoming Addiction

Watch Kristina Kehrer's interview with Pat Madeiros, who founded Cambridge Overcoming Addiction after her daughter died of a heroin overdose. The program is scheduled to play this week on Channel 8, Sat. May 14 at 10pm, Sun. May 15 at 8:35pm, Mon. May 16 at 6pm, Tue. May 17 at 8:35pm, Wed. May 18 at 6:10pm, and Thu. May 19 at 11am.

The organization will hold its annual vigil next Wednesday, May 18, 6-8pm outside of City Hall. Madeiros also hosts a Nar-Anon group for families at the Cambridge Salvation Army, each Wednesday evening at 7-9pm; she invites anyone who has a family member struggling with addiction to attend.

A week of Game Shows on Channel 9

This week's Channel 9 theme starts with a Saturday marathon: The program will begin at noon with The Drawing Board, produced by CCTV member Susan Chasen, a series devoted to friendly competition among Boston-area comic and graphic novel creators.

At 2:30pm, The Wikiest Link, also produced here at CCTV: The show is a wild ride across the pages of, in which contestants are given a start page, such as Jelly Fish, and must race each other to a destination, such as Kevin Bacon, before their competition beats them to it.

At 4pm it's Art Showdown, an artist-centric game show styled after the wild west, produced at Art Interactive in Central Square, Cambridge, MA.

And, starting at 8:30pm New England Candlepins, a candlepin bowling series made exclusively for Public Access TV.

If you miss the Saturday marathon, some of the fun will rerun Sunday 12-4:30pm and Friday 6-9pm.