This Week on TV: We Are Half of Iran's Population

This Week on TV: We Are Half of Iran's Population

CCTV's Women's History Month celebration continues

  • Posted on: 17 March 2016
  • By: lily

Documentaries all day Saturday on Channel 9 from the Link TV Network, including:

We Are Half of Iran's Population: "Three months before presidential elections in Iran, Iranian women's rights activists -- consisting of a vast spectrum of different points of view from religious to secular and ordinary women -- are filmed posing their questions to the ten candidates and three of them discuss their opinions after watching the film. By the time the film is finished, three individuals who have taken part in the film are thrown in prison, falling victim to the massive post-election detentions." At 3pm and 7pm. Also on Channel 8 Sun. 3/20 at 9pm and Tues. 3/22 at 4pm.

And, micro-documentary Cover Me Beautiful: "The dress of Muslim women worldwide walks a fine line between conservative and chic. In Chechnya and Iran, politics affect how much skin a woman can show. Pakistani fashion designers rebel against Taliban influence with revealing clothes, while one female Muslim designer is making fabulous clothes that are both respectful and stylish." At 12:54pm. Also on Channel 8, Thurs. 3/24 and Fri. 3/25 at 10:55pm.

There will be a second mini-marathon from Link TV Sunday 6pm-midnight on Channel 8. See CCTV's full TV Schedule for even more Link TV programs throughout the week.

A list of CCTV series by independent, local women producers – these shows should be on your radar:

Tess Ewing hosts Women Speak each month from CCTV's Live studio, where she brings in guests from the Cambridge community to interview and discuss women and their careers. On Channel 9, every first Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm.

CCTV producer Angel Aiguier produces a monthly radio show, Angel of the Airwaves, featuring reggae tracks and other musical selections hand-picked by the lovely hostess herself. On Channel 8, Mondays and Fridays at 7pm.

BossLady News, produced and hosted by Britannia Johnson, is a current events and talk show series that highlights individuals, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and various talent from the New England community. On Channel 8, Mondays at 11am and Fridays at 6pm.

Eat Well be Happy is a cooking show by Debra Stark of Debra's Natural Gourmet, in which Stark brings out the joy of cooking using fresh, colorful ingredients - organic, if possible. Stark says: Recipes are often simple, food is extraordinary; the goal is to create community through food. On Channel 8, Sundays at 3pm and Tuesdays at 10am.

In Cooking Without Boundaries, producer and host Reema Chandra crosses over boundaries of cultures and cuisines while encouraging her viewers to keep it quick, healthy and tasty by cooking with what's in their own pantries. True to its name, Chandra says, Cooking Without Boundaries is a gastronomic adventure through rich and exotic landscapes of flavors, aromas and textures. Every episode transports the viewer to new worlds of discovery—from traditional recipes inspired by Reema's childhood to contemporary global cuisines. On Channel 8, Sundays at 3:30pm and Wednesdays at 8pm.

Wake up and start the day with Sharon's Full Body Fitness Show, in which host Sharon Fillyaw guides the viewer through simple, yet effective exercise routines to shape and strengthen their bodies and cores. On Channel 8, Mondays at 7:30am and Saturdays at 9am.

Bate Papo com Shirley is a Portuguese-language talk show hosted by producer Shirley Farber. On Channel 96, Thursdays at 1pm and Saturdays at 6pm.