This Week on TV: What is Pinkwashing?

This Week on TV: What is Pinkwashing?

Films from the Boston Palestine Film Festival

  • Posted on: 24 February 2016
  • By: lily

Pinkwashing Exposed, Seattle Fights Back!: For over a decade, the Israeli government has been engaged in the “Brand Israel” campaign, aimed to portray Israel as “relevant and modern," including as a gay-friendly tourism destination. The message relies on stereotypes of its "homophobic" neighbors, particularly portraying Palestinians as such. In this documentary by Dean Spade, learn how queer and trans activists around the world are fighting back.

Pinkwashing Exposed played as a part of the 2015 Boston Palestine Film Festival this past October and was just submitted by the BPFF to air on CCTV. It will make its debut on Cambridge cable this weekend: Saturday at 12pm and 9:30pm on Channel 9, and Sunday at 1pm on Channel 9 and 6pm on Channel 8. Check CCTV's online schedule for more showtimes throughout the week.

The weekend program will also include...

Saturday 1-6pm on Channel 9, Fragments of a Journey in Palestine: Eyal Sivan and Michel Khleifi took a two-month-long journey from the south to the north of their home country and documented their journey in this film. Their path — which they dubbed “Route 181” — followed the borders outlined in Resolution 181, which was adopted in 1947 by the United Nations and partitioned Palestine into two states. The Route 181 film was also submitted to CCTV by the Boston Palestine Film Festival, back in 2004.

Saturday 6-9pm on Channel 9, Voices Beyond Walls: A compilation of youth-produced video shorts by children of refugee camps in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Jordan made between 2006 and 2009. Voices Beyond Walls is participatory media initiative that “supports creative expression and human rights advocacy among impoverished youth through digital storytelling workshops, new media production, and global dissemination of their work.” Portions of the video series will repeat Sunday 9-10pm on Channel 8 and Monday 10am-12pm on Channel 9.

Sunday 7-8pm on Channel 8, a 2014 speech at MIT by Noam Chomsky on the Prospects for Palestine.

Sunday 8-8:30pm on Channel 8, Sands of Sorrow: a film made in 1950, introduced and concluded by activist and journalist Dorothy Thompson, the first to document Palestinian Refugees in the Middle East.

New Member Productions this week

New content made by members airs each week on Channel 96 Saturdays 9am and Sundays at 9pm; on Channel 9 Sundays at noon and Fridays at 6pm; and on Channel 8 Tuesdays at 5pm and Thursdays at 8am. This week:

The Hot Tamale Brass Band plays Why You With Me? in a music video by Kristina Kehrer. (If you missed Kehrer's interview with band member Kickey Bone's which premiered on the channels last week, you can catch it right afterwards).

And, Episode 6 in John Manson's #whatImake mini-doc series. The latest installment profiles Mastering Engineer Scott Craggs, whose job it is to put the final touches on musical albums before they get released to listeners. In case you haven't seen the rest of the series, Episodes 1-5 will play directly following.