This Week on TV: The Life and Times of Reverend Martin Luther King, Senior

This Week on TV: The Life and Times of Reverend Martin Luther King, Senior

You may have already seen the first half of the film on the channels. This week, the full feature-length version.

  • Posted on: 25 July 2016
  • By: lily

In the Hour of Chaos is a 2016 American documentary drama produced by Block Starz Media, written and directed by Bayer Mack.

The film tells the story of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. - “Daddy King” - who rose from an impoverished childhood in the violent backwoods of Georgia to become patriarch of one of the most famous – and tragedy-plagued – families in history.

Debuting this week on CCTV, on Channel 8, Tuesday July 26 and Sunday July 31 at 8pm, Weds. July 27 and Thurs. July 28 at 12pm, and Friday July 29 at 4pm.

Democracy Now! will continue it's extended "Breaking With Convention" segments, this week with live coverage from the Democratic National Convention.

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Bay State Forum is a public affairs program produced at CCTV, discussing hot topics that effect people all over the state.

In the most recent episode, host Barbara Anthony sits down with State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg to talk about women in leadership positions in Massachusetts government. Treasurer and Receiver general of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Deborah Goldberg was elected in 2014 and came to state government with a background as a business executive, a local official in the town of Brookline and a community leader. She is transforming the office of the state treasurer - find out how when you watch the conversation this week during CCTV’s Local Issues and Events block on Channel 8: Mon. July 25 at 6pm, Weds. July 27 at 5pm, Thurs. July 28 at 5pm, and Saturday July 30 at 6pm.

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This week, Grandma In Love by Samantha Bruce, in which a grandmother discovers unexpected romance - much to the shock of the rest of the family. Grandma In Love screened last month at the Different Faces Different Voices Film Festival at the Brattle Theater.

Immediately following, catch Touch Tank, another recent film by Bruce, in which a boy discovers an unexpected connection at the aquarium that brings him closer to his mother.

And, NeighborMedia reporter Sharon Chen interviews participants at Boston Comics Roundtable, a weekly meetup at the Cambridge Public Library. Looking for a community of comic creators to work and geek out with? Boston Comics Roundtable is open to the public!