This Week on TV: Live Coverage at the National Conventions

This Week on TV: Live Coverage at the National Conventions

An extra hour of Democracy Now! every day this week and next

  • Posted on: 18 July 2016
  • By: lily

Democracy Now! will be featuring live coverage from inside and outside the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, at the RNC Monday - Friday July 18-22 and the DNC Monday - Friday July 25-29.

CCTV’s regular Democracy Now! broadcasts will play as usual on Channel 9, Monday through Friday at 8am, 12pm, and 9pm. An extra hour of DN! - “Breaking With Convention” - will follow the regular evening broadcasts, from 10-11pm each day.

Meanwhile at the CCTV Studios...

School may out each summer, but the debate around charter schools never seems to take a vacation. It’s a topic for all seasons. Bay State Forum is a public affairs program produced at CCTV, discussing hot topics that effect people all over the state. The most recent episode focuses on a topic that seems to provoke a lot of opinion either for or against: Charter schools and their future in the Bay State. Host Barbara Anthony discusses the issues in the debate with Jamie Gass, the Director of the Center for School Reform at the Pioneer Institute, Joanna Weiss, a free lance journalist and a regular media commentator, and Glenn Koocher the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Association of School Committees. Barbara Anthony is a consultant in healthcare to the Pioneer Institute – but having nothing to do with education reform.

Watch the Charter Schools Episode this week during CCTV’s Local Issues and Events block on Channel 8: Monday July 18 at 6pm, Wednesday July 20 at 5pm, Thursday July 21 at 5pm, and Saturday July 23 at 6pm.

Explore more on the topic of Education over the weekend on Channel 9

The theme of this week's marathon is learning, and the program includes an MIT Symposium on The Future of Education, Friday at 6-8:45pm.

A talk by Johnathan Kozol on "Race, Poverty, and the Corporate Invasion of our Public Schools," Saturday at 12:30pm and Sunday at 1:30pm.

Cambridge Uncovered on the Achievement Gap in Cambridge and Boston and on the CRLS Hands Up! Student Walkout, Saturday at 3:45pm and 4:30pm.

More programs about CRLS students, groups, events, and more, Saturday at 5pm.

And How to Succeed in College, a Community Charter School of Cambridge panel discussion on college access and success featuring alumni and faculty sharing tips on making the most of the college experience, Saturday at 10:30pm and Sunday at 10:15pm.