This Week on TV: Dialogue on Violence in our Community

This Week on TV: Dialogue on Violence in our Community

Cambridge honored the victims of the Orlando shooting last month

  • Posted on: 12 July 2016
  • By: lily

On Monday, June 14th, Cambridge officials held a vigil to honor the victims of the Orlando shootings and show support to those impacted by it. For those who were not able to attend, CCTV will show footage from the event on Channel 8 this Wednesday July 13 and Friday July 15 at 6pm.

Violence is a topic at the forefront of all of our minds these days.

Programs on police violence, gun violence, domestic violence, and on the ways we can address these issues in our community, on Channel 9 this weekend:

Cambridge Uncovered on Cambridge Rindge and Latin's Hands Up Student Walkout, Saturday at 1pm and again Sunday at 11:30pm.

Not Guilty: Race and Police in Cambridge, in which Professor Charles Ogletree moderates a panel on the relationship between police and the black community in Cambridge, Saturday at 1:30pm.

From the office of the Middlesex Sheriff, two episodes of Beyond the Badge: Law Enforcement Leaders featuring Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan and Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas discussing the opioid epidemic, criminal justice reform, and regional gun buyback programs; and United To Empower Change (UTEC), on the Lowell-based organization with the mission to reduce gang violence and empower youth, Saturday at 2:30pm and 3pm.

From the Media Education Foundation, Dreamworlds is a film on the music video industry and the violence it can perpetuate, Saturday at 7:05pm and Tough Guise examines the social construction of masculine identities in pop-cultural and the media, Saturday at 8pm.

These programs and others, Friday 6-9pm, Saturday noon-midnight, and Sunday 12-4pm. Read the full Channel 9 weekend schedule here.

Also, a new episode of Cambridge Broadband Matters

Cambridge Broadband Matters is a series, produced by Anne Schweiger and Cambridge Community Television, which explores the history of and need for municipal broadband in Cambridge. The latest episode in the Broadband Matters series features a discussion about the pros and cons of building a municipal broadband system for the city. The guests include Ben Compaine, a teacher in the entrepreneurship and innovation group at Northeastern University, Dave Talbot, a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, and Ming-Tai Huh, an entrepreneur and Product Manager at Toast Inc.

Episode Five will play on Channel 8 this Mon. July 11, Weds. July 13, Thurs. July 14, and Sat. July 16 at 5pm.

Not already familiar with broadband issues? Catch mini-marathons of the first four episodes of the series, Tues. July 12 at 9pm, and again Sun. July 17 also at 9pm.