This week on TV: A weekend of storytelling on Channels 8 + 9.

This week on TV: A weekend of storytelling on Channels 8 + 9.

On Saturday, a marathon of storytelling, by Cantabrigia's best:

  • Posted on: 22 January 2016
  • By: lily

Noon - 4pm, tales from Cambridge's beloved Brother Blue. Then, Story Slam competitions — city and state-wide, 4-10pm. The night will wrap up with 9 Scary Stories To Tell on TV, a production in which nine local storytellers get together at the CCTV studio to tell fantastic tales of horror, mystery and intrigue in observance of Halloween this past October. Live stream here.

If you miss the show on Saturday more Streetcorner Classics with Brother Blue will play Sunday on Channel 8, starting at 6pm.

From the CCTV Archives:

Mixed perspectives on our changing city -- care of NeighborMedia journalist Kristina Kehrer. In The Changing Face of Cambridge, Kehrer talks with Coldwell Banker realtor Dave Wood about the changing face of Cambridge in today's real estate market, from the housing-market perspective. In her next installment, Born and Raised in Cambridge, Kehrer continues the conversation, this time with native Cantabrigians, discussing the changes they've seen in Cambridge since they graduated from high school. On Channel 9, Monday Jan. 25, Wednesday Jan. 27 and Thursday Jan. 28 at 4pm. And, Friday Jan. 29 at 6pm.

TV Series you should be watching

The Scenery Channel is an observational program that patiently explores our earthly surroundings. Each one-take episode brings a global park bench to the comfort of your living room. Viewers may discover new details of everyday life from a shop in Chinatown, treat insomnia with an exotic sunrise, or finish a term paper in a vast library -- you never quite know where the show will take you! Scenery Channel's second season premieres this week at CCTV — in this episode, take a trip in a moving van -- from the perspective of the furniture! The Scenery Channel plays twice weekly on Channel 8, Saturdays at 12am and Wednesdays at 6am.

The Drawing Board is a monthly 25-minute show devoted to comics and graphic novels and their creators in Cambridge, Boston, and New England -- with interviews and live drawing games, produced by CCTV member Susan Chasen. Check out the fourth and newest episode in the series, this week on Channel 8: Sundays at 5:30pm and Tuesdays at 10pm.