This week on TV: A new film release, in observance of MLK Day

This week on TV: A new film release, in observance of MLK Day

Martin Luther King Day is this Monday, January 18

  • Posted on: 15 January 2016
  • By: lily

In the Hour of Chaos is a new documentary from Block Starz Media, which documents the life and times of the Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr. (1899-1984) and the King family history. Catch the first showings of Part One of the production — Part Two will follow later this year. On Saturday Jan. 16, 11am on Channel 9, 6pm on Channel 8, and 11pm on Channel 96. And on Monday Jan. 18, 12am on Channel 9, 10:15am on Channel 8, and 5:45pm on Channel 96.

You may also catch programs from past Cambridge city-wide MLK day celebrations — throughout the day Sunday Jan. 17 and Monday Jan. 18, on all three CCTV channels.

Check out our newest member-made content this week:

A Moving Image Portrait by Anne Brown, depicting beloved Winthrop resident Richard Honan and his many roles in his community — as an artist, a father, a community builder, and an honored veteran.

From CCTV intern Sara Myers: Angela Experiments, a short about local experimental musician and stand-up comedian Angela Sawyer. And, To Granny's We Go, where Myers takes viewers along on her trip to her friend's grandmother's house — in the Czech Republic.

Then, journey back home to Cambridge with NeighborMedia reporter Kristina Kehrer's A "Cambridge Day" with Marc Levy. Kehrer sat down with fellow reporter Marc Levy, editor of the online news platform Cambridge Day, to interview him about his path through the world of journalism.

Finally, check out CCTV's most recent Primetime! Beginning Studio Production — featuring Boston-area singer/songwriter Christa Gniadek. Produced by AG Abrams, Melissa Boyajian, Janina Carrabatta, and Michelle Lu. If you are interested in getting hands on experience in a full production studio, sign up for CCTV's next Primetime! class — it begins this coming Wednesday, Jan. 21. More details here.

New productions air each week on Channel 9 beginning Sundays at noon and Fridays at 7pm, and on Channel 96 beginning Tuesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 8pm.

This week, from the CCTV archives...

The History of Mid-Cambridge: Learn something you might not know about the place we inhabit on a daily basis. On Tuesday Jan. 19 at 10:30pm on Channel 8, Wednesday Jan. 20 at 10am on Channel 9, and Thursday Jan. 21 at 5:30pm on Channel 8.