This Week On TV: Radio killed the video star

This Week On TV: Radio killed the video star

Come along on a visit inside Cambrdgeport's own local radio station

  • Posted on: 21 April 2016
  • By: lily

The red brick building at 120 Brookline Street that looks like a warehouse – painted with the bright orange letters EMF – used to be a factory that made motors (EMF stands for Electromotive force). Nowadays, it is home to a local radio station, called WEMF. Meet Dave Crespo, owner of the now two-year-old radio station, and local rock writer and DJ at WEMF Sleazegrinder, aka Ken McIntyre, in a new video WEMF Radio: An Oasis of Cool by CCTV Producer Kristina Kehrer.

Kehrer's video will play with other new content made by producers at Cambridge Community Television. New videos play every week on CCTV’s Channel 8, Sunday and Tuesday evenings beginning at 5pm, and Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings beginning at 9am.

CCTV is not for just Television. Here are some weekly radio shows produced by CCTV members and airing regularly on the CCTV Channels:

Music selections from Kit Tempest of Tempest Tableau on Channel 8, Mondays 12-2pm and Fridays 2-4pm:

Angel of the Airwaves with host Angel Aiguier, on Channel 8 Mondays and Fridays 7-9pm:

Spring Affair with DJ Maurice Wilkey on Channel 9 live on Thursdays 1-2pm and reruns Fridays 12-1am:

New from the Science How! Series: A Natural History of the Cellphone with Joshua Bell.

Science How! is a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and the Fairfax Network. In this episode, cultural anthropologist Joshua A. Bell studies the social implications of the cellphone being one of our most intimate possessions. Journey with him along a supply chain, from the mines that produce cellphone minerals to the millions of discarded cellphones.

A Natural History of the Cellphone will spur a marathon of technology-inspired programming on Channel 9, noon till midnight on Saturday Apr. 23 and noon till 4:30pm Sunday Apr. 24.