This Week on TV: The holiday festivities continue — Now with more creatures and critters.

This Week on TV: The holiday festivities continue — Now with more creatures and critters.

Times Square is so passé: Ring in the New Year with CCTV

  • Posted on: 23 December 2015
  • By: lily

(As you sit by the fire this Christmas Eve and -Day, tune in to CCTV for some spunky Holiday Specials the whole family will enjoy.)

When Christmas is over, the CCTV holiday celebrations go on:

A Kwanzaa Celebration from children in the 2008 King Community School sing, chant, dance, and play African drums for this short Kwanzaa celebration performance. On Saturday 12/26 Channel 9 at midnight, Channel 96 at 9am, and Channel 8 at 1pm. And on Thursday 12/31 Channel 8 at 5:51pm and Channel 96 at 8:56pm.

Thursday, December 31: Celebrate New Years eve with a festive NYE Trivia Spectacular full of funny, outrageous, and spectacular fake questions about the past year from CCTV hosts Alan Verly and Christina Davis. On Channel 9 at 4pm and on Channel 96 9:05pm.

And, with First Night Boston 2014 in which host Clyde Hicks showcases the sights and sounds of the city's annual celebration -- including interviews with a variety of attendees. On Channel 9 at 10am, on Channel 8 at 5pm, and on Channel 96 at 8:05pm.

Saturday 12/26 on Channel 9: All animals, noon till midnight:

Tails of the City is a show produced here at CCTV that talks about pets, working animals, and all the other critters that share our neighborhood. Noon-3pm, five episodes of pet-centric discussions here at the CCTV studio, ranging from Working Animals and Exotic Pets to Pet Adoptions and Pet Therapy. Catch another run of the series again at 9:30pm.

Garden Companion: From CCTV intern Melissa Yee, a short documentary featuring a man, his cat, and their garden. He gives viewers a tour of the garden, discusses what it means to him, and demonstrates the companionship he and his cat share —at 3:30pm.

And, a "ZipDoc" on the Charles River White Geese who make Cambridge and the Boston University Bridge their home --filmed and produced by students in CCTV's ZipDocs course. At 3:33pm and again at 4:25pm.

Then, the Puglic Access Television series from Marinah Janello at 3:45pm, a seriously punny series featuring her adventures with her two pet pugs. At 8:47pm, Spycatcher: A short spy thriller about a lost cat and a massage therapist involved with an undercover terrorism plot. And, at 9pm, a performance from the local band Animal Hospital.

From the CCTV archives this week:

Subcultures Comic Anthology, published by Cambridge's Ninth Art Press, features 36 stories by 36 artists about 36 different subcultures. Meet editor Whit Taylor and contributors in this lecture recorded January 20, 2015, at the Cambridge Public Library. On Channel 9 Monday 12/28 at midnight and Wednesday 12/30 at 10am.

Bandwidth TV is a series produced by CCTV, inviting local musicians into the studio for a brief interview and live performance. Marathons of music by local artists, on Channel 8 Sunday 12/27 6-10:30pm, Tuesday 12/29 1:30-8pm, and Thursday 12/31 6am-noon.