Art in Summer Youth Program

Art in Summer Youth Program

Photo: Overseeing a summer art project in front of the Main Library Tuesday were Public Art Administrator Jeremy Gaucher (at left, leaning over for a close look) and Jerrie Lyndon (right) of the Cambridge Arts Council. The artist (center) goes by his nickname, Luffy.

Pedestrians at the corner of Broadway and Trowbridge on Tuesday morning, July 3, paused to admire a striking scene: half-a-dozen kids of high school age were using colored chalks to create an interlocking array of images on the pavement in front of the library.

Jerrie Lyndon explained that the sidewalk art was part of the Mayor’s Summer Youth Employment Program (MSYEP). Lyndon is active in city arts projects and served as Coordinator for the 2012 Cambridge Open Studios. Through the Department of Human Services, MSYEP offers 20-hour-a-week work opportunities for local kids aged 14-18 for six weeks in July and August. See the video (below) for a tour of the display.

Summer Art - Youth Employment Program from Mary Holbrow on Vimeo.

Some of the pictures on the sidewalk were done; others were still getting finishing touches. There was a wide range of subjects and interpretations, as described by the artists themselves:

“It’s about nature.”

“It's a woman I saw on the subway coming here.”

“It's a lot of bright colors.”