"Cosmic Moose and Grizzly Bear's Ville"

"Cosmic Moose and Grizzly Bear's Ville"

Unique creation featured at River Fest

Peter Valentine’s painted wooden fence at the corner of Brookline and Franklin is titled “Cosmic Moose and Grizzly Bear’s Ville.” Walking past it is a new experience every time – it can be a meditation session or a call to political action, a martial arts exercise, maybe a fairy tale, an aesthetic hit, a word game, or something else altogether. It all depends on your point of view. (Lead photo, above, shows Valentine on his front porch. The slide show below has views of the fence.)

The fence was a feature of Cambridge’s Central Square River Festival on Saturday, June 7, and visitors could discuss it in person with its creator. Valentine avoids interviews in general, but for this occasion he sat on his front steps and welcomed visitors. He was cheerful and communicative, and also deeply serious.

“I have three words that are important:   ‘Information.’ ‘And.’ ‘Relentlessness.’” he said. “We must have accurate facts on which to base our ideas, and we must always – always, no exceptions – base our actions on that information.” The fence is his way of helping people to find out what he feels they need to know.

He described it this way for the printed River Fest program: “… a panorama of sounds and thought modalities bumping into one another to produce the sense of mystical mind that is necessary to understand life in the way that it should be understood, in the way that produces a sense of wonder and interest…The Fence is a living energy which evokes the viewers’ divine essence from their deep cosmic self.”

Valentine (seated on the stairs, second from left) is a wiry chap with gray hair and a beard. Colorful felt patches on his shirt, red britches, and bright sneakers make him stand out in a crowd. Joining him on the porch Saturday were (left to right) his sister Adi Bemak, his niece Lani Bemak and her son Tennessee, and Robert Okun, his brother-in-law.

cosmic pix editedOkun (photo, right), the founder and editor of Voice Male Magazine, had just given a reading of a poem titled “The Fence Speaks for Itself” at River Fest's nearby StoryStream tent. The poem, which he compiled from the writings on the fence, appears in the attachments at the bottom of the page.

Valentine says people can learn more about his ideas by taking his “Electro Magnetic Martial Arts” class. He handed out bright pink information cards about it, and said that a person who feels threatened can hold the card in front of the face and breathe easily in and out as taught in the course, and thus “avert any form of attack of which you are not the instigator.” Details and costs are available from him in person or by mail at META Land™, 37 Brookline Street, Cambridge MA 02139.

Valentine is engaged in public affairs in several ways. He attends City Council meetings and speaks on occasion. Saturday he handed out a detailed brochure that he is circulating to promote a revision of the U. S. Constitution. Titled “A Precise Constitution,” the brochure states:

"You have a right to have a right if you are right

because if you’re not right then you will be destroyed

and then, you will have no rights”



His three words are indeed most important right now! I posted this on my fb page.