Programming Highlights: Week of 7/18/15 – 7/24/15

Programming Highlights: Week of 7/18/15 – 7/24/15

Warrior Butterflies: Women's Wrestling in Boston. Plus, Story time, Stop Motion Animation, and New Work by Members.

  • Posted on: 16 July 2015
  • By: Maggie

The Boston League of Women Wrestlers (B.L.O.W.W.) proclaims that they "bring violence and loose morals back to rock ‘n roll." Naturally, members Barbara Noll and Greg Zukauskas wanted to know more. In Warrior Butterflies, Barbara and Greg produced a documentary about this crass, wild and no holds barred outfit. Don't miss this piece on Channel 96, Tuesday, Jul 21st at 1:11pm, and on Thursday, July 23rd at 9:12pm. Catch it on Channel 9 on Friday, July 24th at 7pm, if you're not too busy doing this:

Everyone loves a good story. This year's Storystream, a special activity during Cambridge's River Festival on June 6th, was a collaboration between several city agencies and individuals, sharing the powerful experience of storytelling with the community. Watch this year's stories, told in movement and words, this Saturday, July 18th on Channel 9, from 12pm-4pm.

Stay tuned for more stories after 4pm on Saturday — from previous Storystreams, story slams, and story booths — until midnight.

The Massachusetts Senior Action Council recently held a panel discussion about issues around healthcare access for seniors. Catch up on these important topics on Channel 9, Sunday July 19th at 1pm and on Channel 96, on Friday July 24th at 8:05pm.

New work by our members airs each week on Channel 9, Saturdays at 12pm and Fridays at 7pm. And on Channel 96, Tuesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 9pm.

This week, check out what students made as part of CCTV's Stop Motion Animation class that took place this past spring. Didn't know that we teach classes in animation? How about Marketing, Horror Films, Social Media, and Graphic Storytelling? Peruse the classes we offer here.