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Programming Highlights: Week of 7/11/15 – 7/18/15

Programming Highlights: Week of 7/11/15 – 7/18/15

New programs from around the world, through SCOLA. Plus, Healthy Hypnosis, an hour of Icelandic sunsets, meditations on the Charles River.

  • Posted on: 10 July 2015
  • By: Maggie

This week, big changes are afoot on Channel 96, our channel for international, multilingual and religious programs.

Thanks to a brand new satellite receiver installed at our studios, we have expanded programming from SCOLA, a nonprofit educational organization that receives and re-transmits TV programming from over 140 countries, in more than 170 languages. Here at CCTV, we'll now be airing daily news broadcasts in Mandarin, Korean, Hindi, Portuguese, and Spanish.

From SCOLA's Asian channel:

Watch News from Seoul, Korea, Mon-Fri 7-8am; News from New Delhi, Mon-Fri 11pm-midnight, and News from Beijing, China, Tues-Sat midnight-1am.

From SCOLA's Spanish and Portuguese speaking channels:

Watch the News from Brasilia, Brazil, Mon-Fri noon-1pm; News from Lisbon, Portugal, Mon-Fri 6-7pm.

In Spanish, watch News from Bogotá, Colombia, Mon-Fri 1-2am; News from Madrid, Spain, Mon-Fri 9-10am; News from Santiago, Havana, Caracas, Montevideo Mon-Thurs respectively, 10am-11am; and News from Mexico, Mon-Fri 7-8pm.

Tune in on the last Sunday of each month, 12-2am, for a feature movie in Spanish or Portuguese.

News from Beijing, Tuesday-Saturday 12-1am
News from Seoul, Monday-Friday 7-8am
News from New Delhi, Monday-Friday 11pm-12am

Spanish and Portuguese language
News from Mexico, Monday-Friday 7-8pm
News from Bogota, Monday-Friday 1-2am
News from Madrid, Monday-Friday 9-10am
News from Santiago, Monday 10am
News from Havana, Tuesday 10-11am
News from Caracas, Wednesday 10-11am
News form Montevideo, Thursday 10-11am
News from Brasilia, Monday-Friday 8-9pm
News from Lisbon, Monday-Friday 6-7pm

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Other notable programs this week

Saturday at noon on Channel 9: A Renaissance on the Cambridge Side of the Charles. Sit in on a talk that took place recently at Cambridge Public Library about ongoing efforts Cambridge's various parks along the Charles — from the relatively new North Point Park skate park to our long-cherished Magazine Beach.

This conversation will be followed by a marathon of programming dedicated to the beloved Charles River. Watch Past River Fests at 2:20pm, a documentary on Charles River White Geese at 2:45pm; Revels RiverSing celebrations at 3pm.

This month, spend an hour watching the sun set on a waterfall in Iceland, "a country where every square inch is something beautiful," claims producer Billy Wirasnik of his newest installment in his series, The Scenery Channel — on Channel 8, 12am on Saturdays and 6am on Wednesdays.

On Healthy Hypnosis, folks share their experiences with the therapy, and how it has helped them overcome medical challenges such as stress relief, weight loss, smoking cessation, and more. Healthy Hypnosis is back to CCTV after a brief hiatus. Watch it on Channel 8 Saturdays at 3pm and Mondays at 9am.