Programming Highlights: Week of 5/16/15 – 5/22/15

Programming Highlights: Week of 5/16/15 – 5/22/15

Coloring Coorain. Plus: Game Time, ChannelZero, NeighborMedia and ZipDocs.

  • Posted on: 14 May 2015
  • By: Maggie

Who needs Saturday morning cartoons when you've got Coloring Coorain?

On Saturday, May 16th enter into Coorain Devin's shimmery, curious world. Coorain employs fierce green screening and some deeply on point wardrobe choices as they chat with local personalities about current ideas and trends. Catch their episode, Making Friends at 10:30am on Channel 8, and Art Openings, an episode on Sunday at 1:53pm on Channel 96 about dressing for success at art networking events. We could all use some fashion advice from Coorain.

Saturday afternoon is game time on Channel 9.

First, a marathon of Art Showdown — an "artist-centric game show styled after the wild west" — begins at 12 noon. Next up catch CCTV's own The Wikiest Link, "a wild ride across the pages of" at 3:30pm. After that, let's get physical... with a Foursquare Championship and Team Handball pitting Boston team members of the Northeast club against their Washington, D.C. peers. Finish off the evening strong with ChannelZero, a San Francisco based punk rock talk and variety show, playing from 9pm-12am.

On Sunday May 17th at noon on Channel 9, catch our newest member-produced shorts. At 2:54pm don't miss John Manson's excellent ongoing project, #whatImake in which local artists take a brief, deep dive into their ideas, work and process.

Have you been keeping up with the latest Cambridge news at If not, get caught up with a marathon of Facecast news digests, Sunday at 3pm on Channel 9. Follow NeighborMedia on Facebook to see future Facecasts as they are released, every Friday afternoon. These are also available on CCTV's Facebook page.

The ZipDocs class at CCTV is a six-session course where students who are new to production work in groups to produce short documentaries, from start to finish. Catch a marathon of past class productions on Channel 8, Friday May 22 at 4pm. If you're feeling inspired, enroll for the next session, coming up in June.