Programming Highlights: Week of 3/8/15-3/14/15

Programming Highlights: Week of 3/8/15-3/14/15

Something Fast and Something Slow

  • Posted on: 6 March 2015
  • By: Maggie

MIT+K12 Science Out Loud marathon

Channel 9:
Saturday, 3/14 at 8:00pm

Do you have a short attention span, but love learning about science and engineering? We thought so, nerds of Cambridge. You won’t want to miss this wild Saturday night marathon of Science Out Loud videos, produced by MIT+K12. Starting at 8pm, we’ll be airing:

Equilibrium, and How it Shifts
What is Soap?
Space: So Close and So Far!
Sports Car Aerodynamics
Small is Mighty: The Square-Cube Law
Series & Parallel Circuits: A Water Analogy
A Turn of the Earth
Under Pressure
The Physics of Unicycling
The Invention of the Battery
Voyage to Mars: Bone Loss in Space
Welding… with Class!
What Can Engineers Make?
What’s all the Matter? Building Molecules, One Block at a Time

The Slowmo Video Festival of 2005

Channel 9:
Saturday 3/14 at 9:30pm

If you made it through all that science, go ahead and kick back for slowmo Saturday. We’ll be bringing you ninety minutes of quality slow motion TV. Curated by Ryan Junell and featuring the work of dozens of sluggish video artists from all over the country.