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Programming Highlights: Week of 2/23/15-3/1/15

Programming Highlights: Week of 2/23/15-3/1/15

Museum Open House. Plus, Latkes vs. Hamantashen, and Grow Native New England.

  • Posted on: 20 February 2015
  • By: Maggie

Program Highlights 2/23-3/1

Museum Open House

Jay Sugarman

Channel 8:
2/23 at 9:30pm

Museum lovers, this one is for you. Museum Open House takes an up close look at many of the varied and fascinating museums throughout Massachusetts. Come discover your next weekend trip, or enjoy learning something new about old favorites. Each program updates viewers on current and upcoming exhibits, programs, resources, and other opportunities available to the general public. Some museums that have appeared include the Museum of Fine Arts, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Peabody Essex Museum, and the Boston Children's Museum. New thirty-minute episodes are produced several times a month.

Grow Native Massachusetts

Channel 8:
2/24 at 10:00pm
2/27 at 9:00am

Jim Sterba, an internationally recognized environmental author, presents a lecture at Cambridge Public Library on the history of human interaction with animal populations in North America. His work dissects the history of species’ health, and evolving perspectives on whether to conserve or control species’ numbers, as human populations have shifted and sprawled.

Sterba has been a correspondent for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal for more than four decades. His book, Nature Wars, published in 2012, has earned critical acclaim and catalyzed an important national conversation about wildlife management. This lecture is sponsored by Grow Native Massachusetts and the Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation.

Watch a clip of Grow Native Massachusetts.

Eat Well, Be Happy

Debra Stack

Channel 8:
2/24 at 10:00am

Debra Stack's goal is as simple as her recipes: to create community through food. This is a cooking show to bring back the joy of cooking, using fresh, seasonal, colorful ingredients – organic ones, when possible. Plan your next meal, or sit back and enjoy watching as Stack prepares her mouth watering feasts.

Coming up the following week:

Latkes vs. Hamantashen

Channel 8:
3/3 at 7:00pm

Not a question to be taken lightly, this debate weighing the merits of the fruit-filled cookie known as the hamentasch, and the fried potato pancake otherwise known as the latke, is not to be missed. The two Jewish treats will be pitted against one another with startling ferocity as their respective advantages are examined. Debaters draw upon geometry, history, and their own experiences in this important conversation.

View a clip of the debate.