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Programming Highlights: Week of 2/16/15-2/22/15

Programming Highlights: Week of 2/16/15-2/22/15

Grow Native Massachusetts. Plus: Filling the News Gap, and a marathon of The Wikiest Link.

  • Posted on: 13 February 2015
  • By: Maggie

Program Highlights 2/16-2/22

Filling The News Gap, Part Two: Oases In The News Desert

Channel 8:
2/21 at 12:00pm

In part two of ‘Filling The News Gap’, journalists discuss their experiences covering Cambridge, a virtual news desert left uncovered by daily newspapers, local commercial radio, and commercial television. Saul Tannenbaum, along with Robert Winters of the Cambridge Civic Journal, Marc Levy of Cambridge Day, and Joanna Kao of the MIT Tech, discuss the challenges and rewards of their work.

Filling The News Gap, Part Three: Newsgathering and the Law

Channel 8:
2/21 at 1:00pm

Part three of ‘Filling The News Gap’ explores some of the crucial protections available to citizen journalists and other residents in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They discuss some of the hurdles that reporters face as they engage in newsgathering activities.

Filling The News Gap, Part Four: The Most Experimental Storytellers

Channel 8:
2/21 at 2:00pm

Part four of ‘Filling The News Gap’ takes a deep dive into the various expressions and positions taken by different citizen journalists. Through exploring various career paths and media platforms, panel participants share their perspectives on political, artistic and social storytelling using alternative media.

Filling The News Gap Part 5: Covering Chaos

Channel 8:
2/21 at 3:00pm

Part five of ‘Filling The News Gap’ features a discussion among some of the non-traditional journalists who jumped to cover unfolding local events. The citizen journalists share their motivations for covering these events, and the outcomes they reached.

The Wikiest Link Marathon

Channel 8:
8:00PM Episode 1
8:30PM Episode 2
9:00PM Episode 3

The Wikiest Link, a new game show by Cambridge Community Television, is a wild ride across the pages of Contestants are given a start page, such as Jelly Fish, and must race each other to a destination, such as Kevin Bacon, before their competition beats them to it.

Coming up the following week:

Grow Native Massachusetts

Channel 8:
2/24 at 10:00pm
2/27 at 9:00am

Jim Sterba, an internationally recognized environmental author, presents a lecture at Cambridge Public Library on the history of human interaction with animal populations in North America. His work dissects the history of species’ health, and evolving perspectives on whether to conserve or control species’ numbers, as human populations have shifted and sprawled.

Sterba has been a correspondent for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal for more than four decades. His book, Nature Wars, published in 2012, has earned critical acclaim and catalyzed an important national conversation about wildlife management. This lecture is sponsored by Grow Native Massachusetts and the Friends of Fresh Pond Reservation.

Watch a clip of Grow Native Massachusetts.