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Programming Highlights: Week of 10/31/15–11/6/15

Programming Highlights: Week of 10/31/15–11/6/15

Scary to Civic: A week of programs from Halloween to the 2015 Municipal Elections

  • Posted on: 29 October 2015
  • By: Maggie

On All Hallow's Eve (this Saturday) get ready for spooky, scary programming all day long. Don't miss these superbly seasonal, creepy pieces:

If you're awake in the dead of night, watch a marathon of the infamous local horror show Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers: 1am - 9am on Channel 8.

On Channel 9, from Noon-1pm, and again from 7-8pm, catch 9 Scary Stories To Tell on TV: Nine local storytellers got together at CCTV this month to tell fantastic tales of horror, mystery and intrigue in this Halloween 2015 special featuring: Ralph Chadis ("Mary and the Dead Man"); Brendyn Schneider ("Other Stories"); Doria Hughes ("The Big Hairy Toe"); Andrea Kamens ("Rabbi Judah's Golem"); Joe "Big Joe, the storyteller" Pagliuca, ("The Laughing Skull"); Sumner McClain ("The Woodcutter"); Bruce Marcus ("Where is My Head?"); Norah Dooley ("A Big Strong Man"); and Teddi DiCanio ("The Best of Friends").

If you aren't able to catch CCTV's First Annual HorrorFest, an international group festival of horror films on 10/29, watch pieces from the screening from 3-5pm, and again 8-10pm. The program begins with iZombie, an hour-long documentary about a cable access television horror host. Following iZombie, watch more short films by CCTV members and surrounding communities.

Dia de los muertos, Day of The Dead, is Monday, November 2. Watch a piece produced by CCTV's own Frank Morris about the holiday and how it is celebrated, featuring the local Cambridge gift shop Nomad: 11am on Channel 9, 8:05pm on Channel 96, and 11pm on Channel 8.

The housing affordability crisis in Cambridge is one of the most pressing issues on the table during this year's elections. To get up to speed with the current climate and the future of Cambridge, watch Housing Cambridge Can Afford: At The Epicenter of Development & Demand. A Better Cambridge led a citywide forum on Saturday, September 26, featuring housing and development experts talking about the tools available to help address the housing affordability crisis in Cambridge. This conversation was moderated by Dante Ramos, Boston Globe op-ed columnist. Watch footage from the event on Channel 9, Sunday November 1 at 2pm. And, Tuesday November 3 and Thursday November 5 at 10am.

This Tuesday November 3 is Election Day. Watch us LIVE from the Senior Center as results on the City Council and School Committee candidates come in, on Channel 8, 8pm until midnight. Visit our election coverage page for a full list of scheduled events, to watch select forums, and view candidate profiles.

Before this Tuesday's elections, these programs will bring you up to date on the candidates and issues. Catch them Saturday October 31, 7pm on Channel 96. Sunday November 1, 1pm on Channel 8 and 9pm on Channel 96. Monday November 2, 10am on Channel 9:

Do You Vote? in which NeighborMedia correspondents Shem Tane and Zoe Lindstrom-Ives conduct detailed interviews with Cambridge citizens about their thoughts on the mid-term election in an effort to collect data on the overall thoughts about this year's election.

Youth Political Voices, a production filmed and produced by youth in CCTV's 2013 School Year Production Program, featuring interviews with young politically-minded leaders at MIT. The interviewees discuss their own beliefs, some of the differences between Democrats and Republicans, how voters can make an informed decision, and why voting matters.

We remember our friend Brother Blue with his program Voting from Streetcorner Classics.

Give Me Your #1: A People's Guide to how Cambridge's unique voting system came to be, why it is this way, and how it works.