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Programming Highlights: Week of 10/24/15–10/30/15

Programming Highlights: Week of 10/24/15–10/30/15

Haunted TV. Plus, Cambridge Municipal Elections, Beyond the Badge, Bluegrass and more.

  • Posted on: 23 October 2015
  • By: Maggie

Cambridge is definitely haunted — just ask Google. From Verna's Donuts to the Wadsworth House at Harvard, there are all sort of spooky things lurking in our fair city. Get a peek into some haunted places in Haunted Victorian Mansion Tour on Channel 96 on Wednesday, 10/28 at 9:36pm. We'll also be showing footage of Cambridge Halloweens past on Channel 96 every week night starting at 8:05pm. On Monday, 10/26: Halloween 2013; on Tuesday, 10/27: Halloween 2008; on Wednesday, 10/28: Halloween 2009; on Thursday, 10/29 : Halloween 2012 and Halloween 2014, and on Friday, 10/30: Halloween 2008 (that was an especially good year.)

If you're in the mood to stay up late for some spookier programming, the locally-produced and highly-renowned Penny Dreadful Shilling Shockers is on late night on Channels 8 and 9 this week. Episodes will show on both Channel 8 and 9 on Wednesday, 10/28, Thursday, 10/29, and Friday, 10/30, from midnight till 2am.

And from noon-midnight on Channel 9, the day of Halloween (10/31) tune in for horror of all stripes. We'll be showing work from a class on horror films this fall in CCTV's Media Training Program, as well as films submitted to our first annual HorrorFest from the community and beyond, and other creepy shows and shorts — the perfect accompaniment to giving out candy to the tykes at home in an embarrassing costume.

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday, 11/3! Get informed on the candidates and issues on our 2015 Elections page. We'll be covering Election Day live when the polls close until the results are in. This week on Channel 8, watch:

Thursday, October 22, 8am - Green Cambridge Energy and Environment Candidate Night
Friday, October 23, 8am - East Cambridge Planning Team Candidate Debate II
Friday, October 23, 10am - Alliance for a Better Cambridge Candidate Debate
Saturday, October 24, 4pm - Green Cambridge Energy and Environment Candidate Night
Saturday, October 24, 10pm - East Cambridge Planning Team Candidate Debate II
Sunday, October 25, 6pm - Green Cambridge Energy and Environment Candidate Night,
Sunday, October 25, 7:35pm - Alliance for a Better Cambridge Candidate Debate
Sunday, October 25, 9:30pm - Ward 6 Democratic Committee a Candidate Forum at the Cambridge Senior Center

Episode 4 of Middlesex County Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian's TV show Beyond the Badge is now out. Watch his discussion with United To Empower Change (UTEC) in Lowell, MA, and learn about the organization's mission to reduce gang violence and empower youth to strive for economic and social success. Watch on Channel 8, Monday, 10/26 at 10pm, Wednesday, 10/28 at 10pm, and Friday, 10/30 at 2:30pm.

New work made by CCTV members plays each week on Channel 9, Sundays at noon and Fridays at 7pm, and on Channel 96, Tuesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 9pm. This week, catch horror film Sight of Hand by Alain Mimram, and unwind with a rock music video by Kirstina Kehrer, in which Boston band Kingdom of Love performs Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here."

Still House Down, a bluegrass band performance produced by Al Marotta, On Channel 8, Monday 10/26 at 9:30pm, Wednesday, 10/28 at 1pm, and Friday, 10/30 at 11:30pm.