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Programming Highlights: Week of 9/26/15–10/2/15

Programming Highlights: Week of 9/26/15–10/2/15

One Dreamy Saturday, plus new work by CCTV Members.

  • Posted on: 23 September 2015
  • By: Maggie

This Saturday, 9/26 on Channel 9, things are going to get dreamy...

At noon (12pm), watch an experimental short film by member Rock Louis, in which a man falls deep into his dream to a bizarre world of unreal circumstances. This film was made in our Media Training Program, in a class called Making the Digital Film. Check out more of CCTV's classes.

Then, at 12:08pm, watch Scibotage, also by Rock Louis, in which he plays an alien saboteur on earth who has escaped a government lab and is on the loose. He travels to CCTV to sabotage its channels to broadcast alien frequency, but his plan fails — it turns out Rock was in a dream. He is awakened by his class instructor, who objects to his claim about alien existence, and tries to hide the truth.

Following that, at 12:29pm, watch The Dreamer, a short film in which a man goes on a spiritual journey through his dreams. Using a mixture of still photographs and video, this piece explores different parts of the subconscious.

Then, throughout the afternoon, watch more dreamy pieces, from CCTV's Youth Media Program:

At 12:56pm, watch Dreamt Innocence, in which Jose Negron looks at immigrants who come to the U.S. and the obstacles they face while struggling to find a career that they are passionate about.

At 1:01pm, watch Identity Narrative, by Mohammad Sayed, a profile piece about a differently-abled teen whose dream is to become a boxer, despite his family's objections.

At 1:23pm, watch Chasing the American Dream, a short documentary about immigrants who come to the U.S. and the obstacles they face while struggling to find a career that they are passionate about. Produced as part of Cambridge Community Television's 2014 Summer Media Institute program.

Then, at 1:30pm, I Have a Dream: A theatrical storytelling of Kadir Nelson's "I Have A Dream" children's book inspired by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and performed by Citi Center teaching artist Toni Bee.

New Productions by CCTV members air each week on Channel 9. On Sunday 9/27 at noon and Friday 10/2 at 7pm, and on Channel 96, Tuesday 9/29 at 1pm and Thursday 10/1 at 9pm.

Watch Catching Up With Old Rats - "Pit Rats." a NeighborMedia production by Kristina Kehrer, featuring an interview with Cambridge City Councilor and ex-pit rat Marc McGovern, on how the legendary Harvard Square pit has changed in recent years.

At 12:40pm, see Erik Brown's one-on-one interview with burlesque performer Alix Mortis, in 15.2 Allix Mortis.

Following that, at 5:00pm, watch The Art of Black Dance, in which De Ama Battle features an interview with local composer and instrumentalist Akili Haynes.