Council Poised to Appoint Rossi as City Manager

Council Poised to Appoint Rossi as City Manager

  • Posted on: 30 November 2012
  • By: stannenb

The Cambridge City Council is poised appoint Richard Rossi to a three year term as City Manager, according to a Policy Order on the agenda for Monday's Council meeting. The order, sponsored by six Council members, names Rossi, currently the Deputy City Manager, to a three year term effective on current City Manager Robert Healy's retirement on June 30, 2013. The Cambridge City Council requires a simple majority of five votes to appoint a City Manager.

Rossi, a graduate of the Cambridge public school system, has been employed by the City since 1971, serving as Deputy City Manager since 1981. In appointing Rossi, the Council has abruptly changed course from its stated intention to engage in a City visioning process and a national search for a new manager. In its proposed order, the Council emphasizes the need for continuity both in preparation of next year's budget as well as planning processes that are underway for Kendall and Central Square.


Peace Be Unto Cambridge, MA

Dear fellow citizens and residents of Cambridge, MA, a terrible minded miscarriage of justice is unfolding here in Cambridge, MA, as I write you all, if no official answers are supplied to the public, as to why the city elected officials are trying to circumvent or cut corners in its selection of a new city manager. Last time they tried to circumvent an important community concern/issue(s), it cost the tax payers here millions of dollars in law suits, etc. I tell you were headed down that same road, if justice doesn’t prevail in the selection of Cambridge’s next city manager. I don’t have anything against Mr. Rossi, I think he is the one of the most suited we have for the position of interim city manager, but I know it isn’t right to try and finalize the equation on December 3, 2012., at the next city council meeting. What happen to the thick packet of information Councilman Maher distributed, etc. on the morning of Wednesday, September 19, and the outcome of discussions on the various options, where is the official follow up public hearing to take place that was discussed? On that Wednesday morning one council person called for bringing in the underrepresented into the selection processes, another called for bringing professionals who specialized in the hiring of city managers, and others suggested other options, etc. I was there that morning and spoke out, and hinted at a miscarriage of justice brewing. If this miscarriage of just is finalized at the next city council meeting, many federal, state, and local laws will be violated. I’m talking about laws such as those of a civil rights nature, equal employment right for Black Americans, people of color, minorities, women, poor citizens, the disabled, others who have a legal right to be considered for the position of city manager etc.. Who outside of Mr. Rossi has the committee been interviewing for this position? To many question are being left unanswered for the city council to be taking a vote, without the full participation of its citizens in the process of determining the future of Cambridge, MA, so prematurely on December 3, 2012. If the nine members of the city council proceed and succeed, in it’s short sightedness in executing this fashion of Kangarooing its citizenry and residents, then that will go down as one of the most pitiful moments in the history of Cambridge, MA. Don’t take my word for it, go and check out what the relating laws that are being violated are saying about this type of thing if you care.

Yours In Peace,
Mr.Hasson J.Rashid