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Gnomes of Cambridge return as Guest Stars for Halloween safety tips

Gnomes of Cambridge return as Guest Stars for Halloween safety tips

Vladimir: Ah finally we arrive at Oktober! We receive invite to Guest Star like last year for to dispense tips for Halloween safeties of Trick and Treaters...

Greta: Vladimir, I tell you like last year, Trick OR Treat, not Trick AND Treat!

Vladimir: Ha, yes Trick OR Treat, but main operations, though, is focus to Treat. Ahem…

Greta: Yes, and last year you eat too much treat…

Vladimir: Ah, Greta, no need for review of last year, ha ha, all spilled milk behind the bridge now. We concentric on 2008 now…our fans await.

Greta: Ok then, we Gnomes of Cambridge with own blog called FreeRangeGnomes guest star once more on CambridgeCCTV Blog, much in demand, especially we publish much awaited safety tips….I start with safeties for children Treaters…

Vladimir: Ahem, Greta, I think to go first as I make awareness to safeties for drivers. You follow with safeties for Treaters…
Here I begin. Ahem!
Firstly for Drivers on Halloween evening and afternooning:

  1. Make extra precautions especially between high Treating hours of 4:00 and 8:30 PM.
  2. Turning on headlights even if not so dark to see and also to be seen by Treaters.
  3. Focus on road, not on decorations or costumes or candies.
  4. Be defensive driver as Treaters thinking only of candy and not pay attention to much else things this night.
  5. If driving to other neighborhood for Treating, have childrens exit car on curb side always, never street side.
  6. Halloween on Friday this year meaning some adults mayhap partying some bits, so take very much care not to make too much celebrations before sitting behind wheel of car.

Thank you, thank you! And now, I introduce co-gnome, Greta, for providing safeties for Treaters…

Greta: Many Thank-yous, Vladimir. Many of you fans gnow, last year we offer safety tips for Halloween… this year again we add some more thoughts to keep in front part of mind:

  1. Costumes safest with bright colours, reflectings, easy-walk shoes (no high heels or too-big shoes or wheels). For Dark costume, decorate or accessories with glow jewelries or bands.
  2. All to carry flashlightings.
  3. Treaters walk on left side of road on sidewalks and gnot cross streets except for a corners and crosswalks.
  4. Always adults supervise with smallish childrens.
  5. Please to review safeties with children before go out to Treat.
  6. And, also remembering -- after Treating is Eating. Inhaling all candy at once makes for trouble – remembering Vladimir in trouble of last Halloweening

Vladimir: Ah, Greta, no no, we gnot need to open to last year events, this new Halloween now, and last year… uh… unfortunate happenings…we do not need to refresh memories….

Greta: Yes but Vladimir, much important for Treaters to know gnot swallow all treats too much at once.

Vladimir: Very well, Greta, yes we make advice gnot to eat candy too much for once like mayhap some Treaters perchance last year might make happen, but mayhab gnobody we know, OK? Just possible for "someone" make such mistake….

Greta: Yes, "SOMEON" mayhap make such mistake and then be sick like to die and get really FAT…

Vladimir: OK OK enough, Greta, we end such annoucings here now. Many Happy Halloweenings!

Yes, and did we mention to link to Gnomes' of Cambridge own blog at for more of we, Greta and Vladimir, Gnomes of Cambridge.

And gnot to forget our most important 2007 Halloween Safety Tips.


What type of costumes do gnomes wear for Halloween?? (and don't tell me it the Mrtian outfit they are displaying in the picture...