Crowd by Chocolate

Crowd by Chocolate

If you were wondering why there were so many people in Harvard Square today, the short answer is "chocolate."

The Harvard Square Business Association started the noon hour with a Chocolate Treasure Hunt. The proceeds from the $1.00 admission price to this event were targeted to support the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter.

Then starting at 1:00 pm, the Second Annual Chocolate Sampling Event took place. Harvard Square restaurants and shops set up tables full of chocolate samples from their stores and gave them away for over an hour. Even though the line of people waiting to get their chocolate was a block long for the whole event, the smiles were unstoppable.

Bill Manley, the Marketing and Events Manager for the Harvard Square Business Association, gives us the details:

The Harvard Square Business Association has many more events planned for not only this weekend, but for the next couple of weeks as well.
Check their website ( for their calendar of events.


Nice, but what I really want here are the dark, gooey details on the chocolate offerings.