Three Cambridgeport Parks Reopen

Three Cambridgeport Parks Reopen

Jenny the Juggler (right) joined the festivities at Fulmore Park.

  • Posted on: 29 September 2013
  • By: mholbrow

Nature provided a perfect sunny day for the official reopening of Alberico, Fulmore, and David Nunes (Old Morse) Parks on Saturday, September 28. The three Cambridgeport parks have been closed for over a year for reconstruction. Along with redesigned green space and seating, each park now has facilities that target specific age groups and activities. (Lead photo: Jenny the Juggler at Fulmore Park.)

Project manager Taha Jennings at Fulmore ParkThe city laid on a half-day blast that brought visitors to all three parks for bubble-blowing, live music, art activities, opportunities to try out new slides and climbing equipment, and – last but not least – lunch. Among the officials and staff present, shown in the photo on the right, were (l to r) City Councillor David Maher, Mayor Henrietta Davis, City Manager Richard Rossi, and Mayor's Chief of Staff Matt Nelson. Project planner Taha Jennings of the city’s Community Development Department, shown in the photo on the left, kept an eye on the action.

Alberico Park at Allston and Pleasant was the first to open at 10:30 a.m. A couple of skaters – Jay Cruz and Cameron Monagle – tried out the all-year outdoor skating rink that is the park’s special feature.

Kids blew bubbles, got their faces painted, or climbed on the wooden sculptures. Parents and neighbors looked on and socialized.

At 11:30 the scene shifted to Fulmore Park on Sidney Street. Some of the kids and parents piled up boards and blocks. Others worked with water and sand. Jenny the Juggler entertained after opening her act in true park-survivalist fashion by cleaning up dog droppings in the performance space.

Band at David Nunes ParkAt 12:30 it was on to the final stop in David Nunes (Old Morse) Park at Allston and Brookline. Saxophonist Ken Field and his Revolutionary Snake Ensemble band (left) took the stage. Pingpong players and aspiring mountaineers tried out the new surroundings, and juggler Jeremy (below, left) helped kids to balance spinning disks, peacock feathers and batons. Everybody lined up for hotdogs and burgers and snacks.

Jeremy's balancing act
Most people just enjoyed the sunshine and the action, but a few were nostalgic. One long-time resident from the Alberico park area said that although the new park was very attractive, he missed the old basketball court.


Bubbles, Alberico Park“It took me by surprise when they took that away,” he said. “I grew up playing basketball there.”

“Don’t worry; the kids will know how to have fun here,” Taha Jennings said. “And for basketball, it’s just a short walk to Nunes Park.”