Cambridge Bikes Kick Into High Gear

Cambridge Bikes Kick Into High Gear

by Sarah Cortes - 237 bikes and riders set off from Kendall Square in the annual Cambridge Bicycle Committee tour today. Under sunny warm skies, the ride covered 14 miles and 31 points of interest related to Science and Innovation in Cambridge.

Dubbed the "String Theory" Ride, its organizers, including John Goodman and his fellow committee members regaled cyclists with arcane points of science, while Urban Adventours and EMS provided free bicycle tune-ups prior to the start of the ride. Once underway, a map of the route guided riders past the MIT Media Lab and leading scientific and technical companies like Thinking Machines and Symbolics. Cara Seiderman, Cambridge Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator, pointed out sites including the MIT Nuclear Reactor and the MIT Museum. The Cambridge Police Bike Patrol provided an escort which minimized traffic disruption to vehicular traffic and maximized cyclist safety, as the ride included a number of children and families.

Since at least 2003, the Committee has been providing free bike events to fellow citizens.

The Committee organized free lunch and snacks at three stops along the way, donated by local merchants Trader Joe's and The Maharaja Indian Restaurant, and delivered by Metro Pedal Power "cycle vans."


I'm sorry I missed this one. I was out paddling in the Charles that morning, but saw all the riders go past the boat launch at Broad Canal while I was waiting for the car to haul the Kayak home. What fun, It seemed like I knew about half the riders! These rides are great. The Somerville ones are good too. Cantabs can see more places that they rarely do.