Cambridge Police Received 25 Rifles as Surplus Military Equipment

Cambridge Police Received 25 Rifles as Surplus Military Equipment

The Cambridge Police Received 25 Assault Rifles As Part of Defense Surplus Program

  • Posted on: 19 August 2014
  • By: stannenb

The Cambridge Police Department is enrolled in the Department of Defense's program to redistribute surplus military equipment and have, according to a document released in response to a public records request, received 25 M16-A1 assault rifles in 2013. The M16 rifle, in a number of design variations, has been the primary service weapon for the US armed forces, as well as for other militaries around the world.

The militarization of local police has received new scrutiny as images of a heavily armed police force in Ferguson, Missouri has reminded many of observers of US military actions in Iraq. Many of these weapons were acquired through the Department of Defense's Defense Logistics Agency's "1033" program, a program by which surplus military equipment is distributed to police agencies. Equipment distributed range from flat screen monitors through armored personnel carriers.

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