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Toni Bee is a writer, poet, & photographer. The former Poet Populist of Cambridge, MA is a Teaching Artist specializing in poetry workshops for teenagers & adults.
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September 30, 2013 - 5:32pm I am back - yet I never left - and if you think you know me you understand that I am always inna state of duality. An artist I am and eye celebrate and put down myself – just like the rest of you odd people. I like odd folk. We….we different. And the world tries not to devour us – but Lord knows this: We addictive. That’s why the universe has given us CCTV as the forum who caresses our special kinda sanity. We been here 25 years SO there must be some elixir us members grant to the collective ‘cause we have survived. That is a story my associate Mr. Rashid has written ‘bout The embrace, the constant hug always emitting from this institution is why I’ve yet to depart. Hug - is why I also think the members voted me in as one of the 2013 –2015 Board Members. I have hugged peeps here physically & verbally for years – always celebrating their accomplishments. They know….I’m their groupie (lol) Yeahhhhhh Baby – I’m on the BOARD – and here’s how I am stepping up game: The Artist MashUp– this is the name of my new show (granted to me by GorgeousChrisLawn at CCTV) my show airs the 2nd & 4th Wendesday of the month. I will be featuring... read more
May 10, 2013 - 4:55pm Last Saturday I went to The Massachusetts Poetry Festival, which took place in downtown Salem, MA. There were tons of workshops that started on Friday and ended on Sunday. So many wonderful events and poet peoples – I flicked my film a fast as I could & couldn’t get enough. I caught every evening-time headline event. Got photos and videos too. Of course my friends asked: “WAS YOU a PART of the Festival Miss Bee?” I humbly said “No I was not” “WhaaaaaaaT - well you should have been”, they said Shoulder shrug and “Probably, but you know…politics.” was my response Politick…tick…ticks make me smile for I stay amassing honey in my hive and when ones mindset is bout community building like mines is …you roll out to Salem and connect with other Family members. These are the lovely workshops I attended: Taboo - with Eduardo Corral, Sharon Olds, Jill McDonough, & Martha Collins So You Wanna Slam; a Poetry and Performance workshop hosted by Cole Rodriguez Incantatory Poetry: with Regie Gibson, Jean Monahan, Danielle Legros-Georges & Kim Vaeth I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE Minute of my Time at the Festival - Oh Cousins I am still overwhelmed by the beauty of your words. And your... read more
December 6, 2012 - 9:35am THIS SATURDAY Celebrate The HOLIDAYS - with a bit of WORD PLAY with Toni Bee - Citi Center’s Community Artist Fellow! Bee is also Poet Populist of Cambridge Join Toni as she hosts a Citi Performing Arts Center interactive reading of Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas! This Saturday, December 8 at 12:30 PM Central Square Branch Library on 45 Pearl Street The reading IS FREE And Sponsored by the Citi Center Education DepartmentWe will have a costume contest so "dress as your favorite WhoVille character" AND a SURPRISE Give Away - so get the kids and Come Come Come COME! SEE the flier attached for event DETAILS and be sure to visit for more information on the show!!!!!! read more
October 2, 2012 - 2:43pm HOW bout that title? There is an aquarium swimming in my head and the fish that fill it is the music of my world. My world music consists of digital technology, the arts, and being a MaMa. That there’s a bunch of fish that gets netted and when I have a chance I get to cooking. This blog is about what is chefing on my stove. And surely it’s a story you have never heard but want to know about: how a single college student gets “preggers” chooses to have her kid THEN handles (or doesn’t handle) the barrage of wonders that come into her life… And to handle that barrage with an attitude of joy WHAT am I advocating you ask? Surely not the ability to “breed” out of wedlock - just the fact that if you find yo’self in that situation and choose MaMaNess - that you can survive and DAG on IT I will say it – you can achieve. The TITLE I grew up with a Daddy who loved R n’ B and Stevie Wonder was his DUDE! My blog title is from Wonder’s compilation album from the same name. YOU know Stevie was blind, and a musician, and he dabbled with technology so I dig his multifacetedNess SEE ABOVE for a WonderOus Video - or just close your eyes and get hip to a musical genius read more
August 24, 2012 - 6:00pm I have been bumping into stories all summer long. But my August has been ridiculously magnificent. Poems have been built from my experiences and what I been doing is cooling: Chilling for National Honey Bee Day on Saturday August 18 / Busting UP a Honey Bee Hooray on Thursday August 16th / Working as a Visiting Artist with Teens at The Gateley Center in North Cambridge for 6 weeks / and the scariest of all events was the Friday August 24 early AM fire near the corner of Columbia and Washington Streets in Area 4 - THE PORT. Yeah I can give you all the tiny details - but later for THAT - it is nearing the end on summer 2012 and tomorrow is Caribbean Carnival in Boston and since technology will tell you most of what I need to "say" Here goes a little something for your Eyes' Palette THANK YOU to all the folks who pollinated and created community: MCMV teens & staff / Mary and Caneen Canning / Esther Splaine and Mike Graney / Mmmmaven, BaltiMororder and David Day/ The Cambridge Chronicle/ Robin Lapidus My Daughter Selena and to so many others... HERE are YOUR STORIES National Honey Bee Day 2012 FIRE! At 95... read more
May 13, 2012 - 7:04pm writing AT 2:35am Saturday May 5, 2012 ADD serves many creative people in the right way. Their concentration is always off, they always on to the next thing AND while that is not my diagnosis this MaMa gotta sitter and chose to trot on down to Central Square and see what makes it pop on a Friday night. For me this means - if you got the energy do all you can with the time you got available…and since I aint used to partying I solo danced with my camera …. ELKS LODGE - Buzzed by the Wild Mind which took place in the basement of The Elks Lodge at 55 Bishop Allen Drive. Oh yeah – all American fair was served – chicken nuggets mmmmm Katie Nadworny curated the 5th Wild Mind / Musical groups on deck were - Billy Wine and Porktupus with lead singer Katy who CUT IT UP singing OutKast. Of course there was James – artist extraordinary whose artwork was fab, whose coat rocked colors. And Clear Conscious rocking electronic beats plus a light show where at times it seemed er’thang went up in smoke We chilled - all of us, poets, interns, and artsy gals who had just dumped their boyfriends. We rolled our minds out - of course I hadda Poetry reading to bust up in the AM so I couldn’t stay long... read more
January 20, 2012 - 5:25pm The breezy, frigid, air did not prevent hundreds of people from coming out to gather on the steps of Cambridge’s City Hall. And even though the third Monday of every January is a national holiday in the U.S.A., instead of ‘lamping’ on their couches folks came out to serve despite their day off. Volunteers heard the call from Many Helping Hands and arrived to accomplish a number of tasks in the center of Cambridge, MA: create scarves and blankets for the homeless; design cards for seniors; drop food and clothing for those in need; and much more. That is the force of Many Helping Hands a- group of women who decided about three years ago to make year round volunteering their mission. North Cambridge resident Lori Lander guides the bunch, and helps set the agenda along with her friends. One of those friends was Eva Martin Blythe, the executive director of the Cambridge YWCA Blythe has pledged to let Many Helping Hands use the Y’s facility for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday ‘serving’ celebration. Another place where people could serve for three hours on MLK’s day was the Senior Center in Central Square. Ellen... read more
October 21, 2011 - 5:05pm Children’s book illustrator and author Kadir Nelson took dozens of Cambridge residents on a journey through his lifetime of art in the children’s room at the main branch of the Cambridge Public Library. Last Friday , he stopped in the city to promote his new book “Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African-Americans” Betsy Hornik and her husband stopped by to meet Nelson because, “He’s able to put the character of the person in their faces, and it is a good way of recording history-very compelling” Daryl Mark, Director of Childrens' Services at Cambridge Public Library, introduced the winner of the Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award by saying “He has always loved to paint and to draw” and noted that, …you will also be interested in knowing that his artwork is what is being used on the album cover for Micheal …” a compilation album by Michael Jackson released in late 2010. Nelson's newest book Kadir works with oils and he described his mother's reaction to his first drawings at age three and even granted details about his job in pre-production as a visual artist when working on the film Amistad. Nelson also displayed dozens of samples of his artwork spanning from... read more
September 27, 2011 - 4:59pm Caneen Canning, daughter of Mary who is owner of Follow the Honey PHOTO by Dan Watkins It was the name of the store, Follow the Honey, and its stern yet sweet directive that first piqued my interest. And it was the note that the store would open grandly on National Honey Bee Day that made me mind another’s beeswax and saunter downstairs into 1132 Massachusetts Avenue. SEE Rachel Greenberger's Pics of the opening at BUT it was the store’s owner, Mary Canning, and her welcoming creative spirit, THAT keeps me coming back to Follow the Honey - a.k.a. FTH - a specialty shop that sells a buzz-load of bee products. FTH is located a few blocks outside of Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA and upon entering the tiny hive you become ensconced in sweetness. Employee Maria Molenti toured me and my little bee 'round the den that dripped with bee products. And after viewing all of the goodies, I met the store owner and simply had to know: …Had to find out that she went to Simmons college, had a child, and went on back to finish her education …Needed to discover that Mary used to work for WGBH one of my favorite t.v.... read more
June 3, 2011 - 4:14pm VIDEO Patrick Sylvain reads in Salem and shall read tomorrow at Cambridge River Festival PIC Toni Bee poet populist of Cambridge with Michael Brown former Cantab Lounge Poetry Slam organizer MY MIRTHFUL MID-MAY POETRY FESTIVAL I had a literal sweet time in Salem, in mid- May at the Massachusetts Poetry Fest.My tummy butterflew with excitement on the train ride to Salem; seeing Cave Canem readers and Seven Gabled homes and black houses and piano orchestra's and... and book presses small who think big ... a spell bound me that May Saturday CHECK out my part one of PICS and SEE a lil' video of masterful youths pow their poems along with powerful Ms. Patricia Smith! THE ART of WORDS POETRY TENT at the Cambridge River Festival Saturday June 4, 2011 I look forward to seeing you under the Art of Words Poetry Tent at the Weekes Bridge on Memorial Drive in Cambridge, MA during the Cambridge River Festival. We will be there from 12 to 5 PM and I will get inaugurated at 2PM as the city of Cambridge's new Poet Populist! Jean-Dany picked the theme of Catastrophes and Redemption and a bunch full o' poets will be reading too. Here are the details on the annual artsy River... read more