Susan Fleischmann

Cambridge Community Television , Cambridge MA
I have been involved in community media since 1976, working to ensure that everyone has access to the tools and technologies needed to participate in civic life. I joined the staff of Cambridge Community Television when it opened in 1988, and became Executive Director in 1993.
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April 28, 2011 - 3:03pm Major work is happening on the big production studio: the ceiling is coming out to give us the double height space for our lighting grid and acoustic treatment, and the floor is being removed to be replaced by a special isolated system that will absorb the sound and vibration from the subway. Today we had a visit from Charlie McDermott, Jay Paget and Christina Farrell from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, joined by Jason Weeks from the Cambridge Arts Council and photographer (and Arts Council member) Phyllis Breitholz. CCTV member and artist Siobhan Bredin provided the members' point of view as we all dodged the falling debris. Mark your calendars for a special community Hard Hat Tour on May 19 from 5-7 PM, hosted by MIT and the Red Ribbon Commission on the Delights and Concerns of Central Square! read more
April 27, 2011 - 3:47pm Demolition began today on the floor between the first and second levels - essentially "raising the roof" of the studio. In order to get the double height space we need for the studio (for the air conditioning, acoustic treatment and the lighting grid), the second floor is being removed. But don't worry,there is a serious amount of structural steel holding up the roof. read more
April 25, 2011 - 1:53pm Join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, gather with friends old and new, congratulate award winners, vote on bylaw amendments and nominees to the Board of Directors. Eat great food provided by local restaurants. Don't miss the latest updates on our new facility! Wednesday, April 27, 2011, 6PM - 9PM 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA - Entrance on Prospect St. read more
April 20, 2011 - 7:56pm Today, CCTV staff and members of the Board of Directors hosted the first of several Hard Hat Tours to show off our new home - while still under construction. Right before the tour began, there were still people working in the space - such as this brick mason. read more
April 19, 2011 - 4:26pm Today, the staff took a field trip to see the progress at CCTV's new home. Much of the HVAC ductwork is now hanging from the ceiling, the steel is almost completely installed, and the isolated floor slab in the front of the building, under the two live studios, should be poured by the end of this week! read more
April 11, 2011 - 7:55pm CCTV staffer Marissa Acosta is producing an evolving promo about CCTV's new facility. In the first episode, she recorded me (ok, I am not quitting my day job to be an actress) introducing our new space. Today, she and her son Alistair worked with Renato on Part II...stay tuned... read more
April 11, 2011 - 7:19pm Nominees to the Cambridge Community Television Members Advisory Committee 2011 Erik Brown, current computerCENTRAL intern “ I feel that my personal history and connection to the city of Cambridge gives me an important “ homegrown” perspective toward the community that fosters an extra element of pride as far as my hometown is concerned. Being an intern in the advanced media lab as well as being involved in production groups at CCTV gives me a unique member/staff look into what is going in the community of CCTV. I am looking to improve communication between staff and members so as to improve the overall community of CCTV.” Ann Cowan, past MAC member and MAC Representative to the Board, ACLU, NOW, MIT Folk Dance Club “ AS CCTV provides a Free Speech voice for many in the Cambridge Community, I believe it is important for me to help it retain and project that voice. I have served on the MAC and many other organization Boards and understand and am particularly concerned to maintain a Free Speech voice for ordinary citizens. As a student and producer at CCTV over 13 years, I know it pretty well. My contacts with the City Councilors and other politicians might be of use. I would like to... read more
April 11, 2011 - 7:11pm Who knew? Major construction cannot start without STEEL! So, the steel was delivered last week - it is needed to prop up the 2nd floor around where the floor will be removed for the main studio - you see, we need the ceiling height in the studio to be high enough for the lighting grid and acoustic baffles, so...we're taking the 2nd floor out! Steel will also be used to hold up the isolated floor slab in the main studio as well as the two live studios...why isolated floor slabs? Because the subway runs right underneath us, and you can imagine recording a talk show and having the subway rumble underneath, just when you are getting to the good part! Stay tuned for more construction updates! read more
April 11, 2011 - 1:17pm There are three two-year seats available.Angel Aiguier, current member of CCTV Board of Directors, former MAC member, Lincoln Way Housing Tenant Board, Norfolk Housing Cooperative Board “I have been a member of CCTV, since around 2005. I served on the MAC for 3 years, then moved on to serve on the Board of Directors for several terms. “I have been a producer at CCTV all this time, in between serving on these various committees and other groups at CCTV. And look forward to doing many more productive things in the coming years, as always, doing what I do best, helping to spread the word and works of CCTV. “I feel that as a CCTV producer in Radio and TV programs, as well as a constant recruiter and assistant to other producers and members here, I have brought a continued solid foundation of what a member and board director should do, for this valuable community we have here at CCTV, the Voice and Vision of Cambridge. Being on the Board of Directors, has been a asset in my life, and a constant learning experience, and has brought me closer to the Core Values of what we all are striving to do in the Nurturing and Cultivating of our Community Television media Center. I am learning... read more
April 11, 2011 - 1:13pm Article Three, Section 2: Tenure and Qualifications of Directors From: The governing body of the Corporation shall be a Board of Directors consisting of thirteen (13) persons including two persons selected by and from the Members Advisory Committee To: The governing body of the Corporation shall be a Board of Directors consisting of not more than eighteen (18) persons including two persons selected by and from the Members Advisory Committee Delete: The City Manager shall appoint the initial Board of Directors. Thereafter the Directors will be elected in accordance with the provisions of Section 3 of this Article. Except for the initial Board of Directors, Retain: Directors shall be elected for terms of two years in accordance with the provisions of Section 3 of this Article. Delete: The City Manager may appoint four members to an initial term of two years, four members to an initial term of three years, and four members to an initial term of four years. From: All Directors must meet the eligibility requirements for membership To: Those Directors elected by the membership of CCTV must be eligible for membership in CCTV. In cases where the Board requires specific expertise that it... read more