Joan Squeri

HCC Consulting , Cambridge MA
For the first few decades of my life, curiosity about food served as a vehicle to enter world cultures and as a way to explore flavors and textures of food itself. Over the last several years my explorations have grown with increasing intensity to focus on the ways that we humans have chosen to cultivate, share and consume this fundamental resource. Examining who cultivates, who processes, who distributes, and ultimately, who receives 'which' food, has caused me to reexamine many of my own beliefs and to see food with entirely new eyes. The reasons behind our food choices and our individual beliefs about food- how much it should cost as a part of our total income--its value both as a source of nutrition and as a source of pleasure-- make for very real economic, health and environmental consequences. I hope to share some of these questions, insights and observations about food, fairness and community building with my Cambridge neighbors.