Hasson J. Rashid, Jan 13, 2021
Share Your MLK Day of Service Opportunities! #MLKDayOn
Susan Fleischmann, Dec 23, 2020
Jessica Smyser will lead CCTV
Hasson J. Rashid, Nov 17, 2020
Cambridge,Volunteer,Donate,Educate,Take Action at http://hhweek.org
Siobhan Bredin, Sep 30, 2020
Learn about our city’s fascinating history while enjoying outdoors with these Cambridge Historical Society Self-Guided Walking Tours.
Hasson J. Rashid, Sep 23, 2020
Let’s Review the Rev. Dr. Bennett situation! It looks like Criminal Conspiracy to us!
Hasson J. Rashid, Sep 14, 2020
Retired Black American Cambridge Episcopal Divinity School Proffesor/ Harvard Doctorate is a Victim of Local Systematic Racism!
Hasson J. Rashid, Aug 31, 2020
Come join your friends, colleagues, business partners and volunteers in the human services community!
Hasson J. Rashid, Aug 20, 2020
ACT, FIRST in USA with Equal Representation for Public Housing and Voucher Households.
Hasson J. Rashid, Aug 12, 2020
A Tiny House Village is a low-cost way to house the city’s homeless.
Christie Kozak, Aug 10, 2020
CambridgeSide has teamed with Cambridge-based East End House to launch a special School Supply Drive through September 30, 2020.
Photo: planted-out bed of vegetables
Helen Kobek, Jun 12, 2020
Free, healthy, locally-grown food for everyone is the mission of Cambridge's newest, plantiest organization.
Susan Fleischmann, Jun 3, 2020
a reflection on systemic racism
Hasson J. Rashid, May 9, 2020
The Black Wall Street Memorial committee and Tulsa Community Remembrance Coalition are launching the “10,000 Brick Campaign”
Susan Fleischmann, Mar 28, 2020
CCTV's April-June Newsletter is Now Available
Susan Fleischmann, Mar 27, 2020
How have YOU been affected by COVID-19?
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 21, 2020
In response to Seth and Peter's Confessionals, Gena plans for the day that CCTV reopens and she is able to get back to producing...
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 18, 2020
Boston resident Meia Geddes shares the love with her friends in Cambridge.
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 17, 2020
A submission to the Quarantine Confessional series. A tour of Seth's room.
Cambridge Community Television, Mar 17, 2020
A submission to the Quarantine Confessional series. Peter plays an instrument and shares his feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic.
Susan Fleischmann, Mar 15, 2020
need help? want to offer help?
Susan Fleischmann, Mar 13, 2020
Mayor Siddiqui and Vice Mayor Mallon discuss COVID-19