CCTV Will Produce Affordable Public Service Announcements for Local Non-Profits

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Public Service Announcement Day

Do you want to change the way people think about an issue? Do you want to educate the Cambridge audience about your organization's work? Each year, CCTV's Public Service Announcement (PSA) Day gives local non-profit organizations a chance to create informative PSAs that communicate the services they provide to the community.

PSAs are shown on CCTV's three cable channels, and have the potential of reaching more than 33,000 households! In addition, PSAs can be submitted to other television stations, uploaded to your organization's website, or used for any other public relations projects.

Register for PSA Day!

This year, PSA Day will take place on Wednesday, April 30 and Thursday, May 1 from 10 am to 5 pm. To sign up, all you need to do is contact CCTV to schedule a 30-minute taping appointment, prepare a 30-second presentation, and show up for the recording appointment. Please email Susan Fleischmann or call 617-401-4004 to schedule your slot.

The registration fee is $75 for non-CCTV members. A discounted rate of $50 is available to organizations that are CCTV members. Read about the benefits of Organizational Membership here. To become an organizational member, please complete this form.

After the recording appointment, CCTV staff will work on post-production for all PSAs and deliver high definition, broadcast quality copies of your new PSA. We can feature your organization's logo and up to 2 photos in the PSA.

Do You Need Help Preparing your PSA?

Each year, we offer a free one-hour workshop to provide organizations participating in PSA Day with tips about how to develop an effective PSA. We recommend that each participating organization attend one session. This year, the workshop will take place twice on Thursday, April 17 at 10 am and again at 4 pm. Organizations can register for a session when scheduling their PSA Day recording appointment.