"ThIStHaT ShoW no.4 and no.5" presented by Daniel McCusker Dance Projects, in collaboration with Central Square Theater.

Fri, 01/20/2012 - 20:00 to 22:00

Daniel McCusker Dance Projects, in collaboration with Central Square Theater, presents "ThIStHaT ShoW no.4 and no.5" ; new and recent works featured over a 2 week period. Works created by Sarah Baumert/Sara Smith, Lara Binder/Sheriden Thomas, Adriane Brayton, Nell Breyer, Audra Carabetta, Caitlin Corbett, Brian Crabtree, Heidi Henderson, Kristy Kuhn, and Morgan Packard; curated and produced by Daniel McCusker; lighting designed by Paul Marr. Performances run January 12-21: Thurs. (7:30 pm), Fri. (8 pm), and Sat. (8 pm). Tickets: $20, $15 BDA members, $10 students/seniors; $10 for 2nd weekend for 1st weekend audience members [subject to availability at the door, bring 1st weekend ticket stub for discount]. For advance tickets call 1-800-838-3006 or visit http://www.thisthatshow.org. Tickets also available at the door [cash or check only] one hour before each show. Central Square Theater, 450 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge [conveniently located near the MBTA Red Line & bus connections, visit http://www.centralsquaretheater.org for directions]. For further information, log onto http://www.thisthatshow.org or call the ThIStHaT information line at 617-544-7408.

Dancer/choreographer/producer Daniel McCusker has been showcasing his dance and dance-like “discoveries” since the spring of 2008. Each year the showcases have become more daring and the audience capacity has burst at the seams to the point that it has become necessary to move to a larger venue and to expand his ThIStHaT ShoWs into a two weekend extravaganza.

To break the mold even further, his annual spring affair is now in the height of winter, with ThIStHaT ShoW no.4 and no.5 poised to pay a warm tribute to many of the kindred spirits who figure in McCusker’s lively artistic world. McCusker is keen on investigating the true nature of dance and performance. The work that interests him the most is formal, very structure-based, making deliberate choices regarding its structural components. This formality serves to mediate any narrative elements so that the full meaning of the work can be revealed.

McCusker’s quest to discover this true nature by way of structure doesn't always play out, but as many of his fans have come to realize, the exciting part is when it does indeed play out. And they happen to be there when it all comes together. The yearly showcase has become a huge success, critically and otherwise, and is a much anticipated not-to-be-missed annual celebration for all lovers (and soon-to-be lovers) of local dance.

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