Swimming at Magazine Beach?

Swimming at Magazine Beach?

Interviews with people involved in Magazine Beach cleanup

Can you believe that people used to swim at magazine beach on the Charles River? It’s been a long time since that was popular, although a few brave souls undertake it each year since the Charles River cleanup began in 1995.

I spoke with representatives during a volunteer cleanup event and celebration on June 11 from three of the organizations that have continually worked to improve the Charles River so that all can enjoy it; the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, the Charles River Conservancy, and the Riverside Boat Club about the history and present uses of magazine beach and the Charles River.

More information:
- Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cportneighbors/
- Charles River Conservancy: http://www.thecharles.org
- Riverside Boat Club: http://www.riversideboatclub.com/

What's your favorite place along the Charles and why?


The people yelling the most for swimming in the Charles at Magazine Beach are working aggressively on the wrong side, but they neglect to mention that.

Magazine Beach has been walled off by a bizarre wall of introduced bushes. These bushes are the only bordering vegetation not chopped down twice a year, but the loudest "swimming advocates" bitterly oppose the obvious: chop the stupid stuff down.

Magazine Beach is now subjected to regular dumping of poisons to keep alive sickly introduced grass which will die without the poisons, but the "swimming advocates" bitterly oppose the obvious: stop tossing on poisons and toss on seeds for the healthy native grass which survived the better part of a century until needlessly destroyed by Cambridge and the state with support of the "swimming advocates."

Major parts of the playing fields have been taken out of service for fancy drainage systems to drain off the poisons. Stop the poisons and you can return to the playing fields of about three years ago before destroyed by Cambridge and the state with support of the "swimming advocates."

The best explanation I have heard was the state manager bragging that the wall starves the 30 year native Charles River White Geese.

So the wall has two purposes: prevent swimming and further the state and Cambridge's goals of killing off all resident animals.

But the "swimming advocates" do not want to hear that.

PS: The "swimming advocates" friends just succeeded in destroying the core part of the Alewife reservation. They claim to be protecting Alewife as well.

thank you Siobhan and CCTV for covering this great community event. The Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association outdid themselves putting together so many interested groups to work toward a common goal. I was sad to see so much trash and debris collected so soon after our Earth Day Cleanup, but if we keep at it, more and more park users may become park advocates and stewards.

Congrats to the Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association, Charles River Concervancy, DCR, Riverside Boat Club and everyone who supported this great event and to everyone who took part.

Kate Sullivan
Rower and volunteer, Riverside Boat Club.

It's great to see Mag Beach and especially the Charles River getting back to a state that's suitable for safe swimming. Thank you CRC for monitoring the water quality throughout the year!