Become a Member of CCTV

Membership provides access to the services and facilities that CCTV offers. There are a few types of membership, all described at a monthly, free Orientation; read on to learn about our membership options. Orientation dates are listed to the right.

CCTV Orientation

Membership Information

There are four general types of membership.

Website Membership | FREE | Create Your Account Now
Anyone can create an account on our website and begin contributing blogs, photos, and more that they believe to be relevant to the greater community. Website access does not, however, grant access to our equipment and facilities - for that you should keep reading.

Affiliate Membership | $35/yr | Download Form
Affiliate Membership is a good choice for individuals interested in submitting programs to our channels, accessing our computer lab, or renting production equipment.

Access Membership | $75/yr | Download Form
Access Membership provides full access to all of CCTV's services, classes, facilities, and live channels plus $300 in free classes each year. Discounts are available for youth, seniors and low income individuals. Must provide proof of Cambridge residency.

Organizational Membership | Three tiers of fees, based on sliding scale | Download Form
Any incorporated organization serving Cambridge is eligible to access CCTV's services to do their work. With this membership, individuals from your organization may become Access Members (for a separate fee) and access our full resources regardless of their residency. Organizational members also receive extra benefits such as annual event coverage and opportunities to create special programming.

CCTV also offers an Internship Program