CCTV is a community media center where Cambridge residents and organizations create and share media about themselves and their community.

Why You Should Support CCTV

For 25 years CCTV has provided a platform for members of our community to produce thousands of hours of programming that reflect the city’s ethnic, economic and political diversity. There is more to our community than what the networks show us each day and CCTV provides the tools and training to support the free speech that strengthens our society.

We rely on donations from individuals, businesses and foundations to support our educational programs. Computer classes for seniors and job seekers, media training and support for non-profits, technology training for our youth are all supported by generous individuals like you and our local business community.

Please consider donating to CCTV today. Whether you are business looking to partner with us with underwriting support, an individual wanting to promote free speech in our city or a loyal member providing ongoing support, there are many ways to give. CCTV is a non-profit organization with 501 (C) (3) status and all contributions are tax deductible.