Frank Morris, Aug 29
4 free classes at CCTV! Which ones will you take?!

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Shirin Mozaffari, Aug 28, 14
Join us for CCTV's annual BBQ fundraiser on Thursday, September 18th at 5:30 pm at CCTV.
Clodagh Drummey, Aug 25, 14
Christopher Bavitz to receive the Leading Role Award. Jim Braude & Callie Crossley to be inducted to CCTV's Honorary Board.
Shirin Mozaffari, Aug 21, 14
Vice Mayor Dennis Benzan introduces Area Four
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Aug 20, 14
SEPT 7th! Sign up for the evening and take two free one hour classes!
Clodagh Drummey, Aug 12, 14
Join our teens as they share the documentaries they have produced this summer
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Aug 11, 14
Learn how to create a narrative or express a larger idea through still imagery.
Clodagh Drummey, Aug 10, 14
If you enjoy great food then you'll like the variety of tasty treats we have lined up for this year's BBQ.
Shirin Mozaffari, Aug 5, 14
This is a Media Buying guide for external hard drives and SDHC cards to be used by CCTV members.
Chris Lawn, Aug 5, 14
FEATURING: MIT Presents, 2 NEW Series, Cambridge Peace Rally and Vigil & Movie Of The Week
Shirin Mozaffari, Jul 31, 14
Ginny Berkowitz introduces North Cambridge
Clodagh Drummey, Jul 29, 14
Please take a moment and donate:
Chris Lawn, Jul 29, 14
FEATURING: NEW Shorts, MA Gubernational Roundtable, Cambridge Pride Brunch, Movie Of The Week & Highlight Hours With Gabriele
Susan Fleischmann, Jul 27, 14
CCTV's Back Lot BBQ on Thursday, 9/18
Shirin Mozaffari, Jul 24, 14
Gavin Kleespies introduces West Cambridge
Chris Lawn, Jul 22, 14
FEATURING: Primetime Presents! School Shoes, Sustainability Move, The Illest Music Video, NEW Shorts, Movie Of The Week & Rabindra Jainti
Shirin Mozaffari, Jul 17, 14
Zach is here to support CCTV members through different stages of their production process.
Clodagh Drummey, Jul 14, 14
Please support the incredible learning opportunities that CCTV provides and help us build a more vibrant and informed community.
Shirin Mozaffari, Jul 10, 14
Rally and vigil in the aftermath of the shooting of Area IV resident, Kensley David
Allison Maria Rodriguez, Jul 7, 14
CCTV offers television time, training and access to our production equipment. Sound interesting? You can do it all by becoming a CCTV member
Frank Morris, Jul 4, 14
Public affairs program looks into issue of men's health and racial disparities


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